Jaguar XJ 2019.

Jaguar XJ 2019.

On the market, this model has been known for five decades. In 2019, its fifth generation is preparing for release. It is worth noting that the generation of 2009 almost immediately after her birth was awarded the title of «The most luxurious car of the year.»

Is it possible to make the perfect even better? In Coventry, they think so. You should definitely get acquainted with their really interesting developments in this regard.

With respect to the Jaguar XJ, designers are constantly experiencing an inexplicable craving to try out some of their revolutionary ideas. So, in 2003, the first all-aluminum case was tested on it. In 2009, they completely rethought the design. Resolutely moved away from the classic canons of the models of the last century.

In the new edition of the same Jaguar XJ going to make electric. What is not surprising, against the backdrop of the acclaimed and more than successful debut of I-Pace. And the designers decided not to go on about the compromises. Fully discarded the idea of ​​a plug-in hybrid.

Critics of the Autoworld explain this by the fact that the British have long cherished the hope of abandoning the F-segment in the internal combustion engine or hybrid in the S-class of Mercedes-Benz, the 7-series BMW and Audi A8, which is so crowded with difficult competition.

Jaguar Land Rover wants to try to win a rivalry with Fisker E-Motion and Tesla Model S. Well, the brand has all the chances. After all, the car, judging by the advertising teasers from official sources and information leaks, should turn out to be truly impressive.

Updating the exterior and design model.

The manufacturer is proud to announce that the design of the Jaguar XJ is handled personally by Ian Callum. Yes, yes, the same genius who gave birth to the Mark 2 and the second generation XF. And before that, even in collaboration with Aston Martin, who invented the legendary Cosworth Escort and Vanquish.

In front of the transition to the electromotor grille will be fake. Will carry exclusively decorative functions. Thanks to what her appearance the master could make even more spectacular.

Otherwise, there will be a lot in common with the Range Rover being developed in parallel. He initially positions himself as an electric car, as well as with Callum.

The architecture for it is specially developed taking into account its universality. So that later on this basis it was possible to sculpt not only representative electro sedans, but also sports modifications. For example, the same XJR-modification, which, by the way, is tipped all 575 hp

The company takes the transition to anti-gasoline rails more than seriously. Shame your enthusiasm even fanatics from VW and Volvo. Jaguar XJ will leave its traditionally large dimensions. What will make the car look much more presentable compared to the same Tesla. Considering also the fact that it is the last thing to dream about the Yaguar luxury.

The body for the sake of modern fashion trends will be from the four-door five-door. But this does not deprive the model of its peculiar charm. After all, the exciting sleek lines of the Jaguar XJ will remain with her. This will be made of striving more sensibly from a dynamic point of view to position the baggage and center of gravity. LED lights and wheel arches will be slightly different.

Equipment and changes in the 2019 Jaguar XJ saloon.

Interior design, most likely the cardinal alterations themselves will not experience. Considering the fact that the Jaguar team always takes this step with a squeak. After all, each generation of their models to the last detail and idea is a real masterpiece of artistic thought. But from the good of not looking, as is well known.

Of course, and the course on luxury and exclusivity. What pleases, no one is going to change. Therefore, everything in the interior will be just as expensive, beautiful and soundly.

By equipping the car, as usual, will go with the times. Although ahead of him, of course, British conservatism is unlikely to allow it. After all, he already had to make a deal with his own conscience, having committed adultery with electric motors.

More than one revolution, the concept of the Jaguar will not pull, so everything will also be luxurious here. But, actually, at the level of the same Mercedes or Audi of the corresponding class. Will update the generation of multimedia systems. Add options for climate control and the ability to control the personal comfort of passengers. This is maximum. And yet, why something else?

Specifications cars.

It is expected that according to its characteristics, the Jaguar XJ will be equal to the similar electrocross of the latest generations.

That is, at least it is worth waiting for a full stationary drive. Instead of the old rear wheel drive modification. Two whole electric motors, the battery of which will pass without recharging at least 480-500 km. Its capacity will be equal to 90 kW / h. That will allow to reach a total capacity of 400 hp, which even some internal combustion engines today can only dream of.

And besides from this model we can expect the following:

Achievement of 80% charge in an hour and a half;

3D audio with 26 speakers; connect any gadgets, Wi-Fi, mobile communications;

eight-speed automatic JaguarDrive Selector;

length 5.25 m; chairs with massage, ventilation, adjustment and «smart» lateral support.

Prices for new items are likely to grow up a bit. But, of course, this will not stop true fans of the creativity of the most premium British design bureau. Like those who are torn by curiosity. How does the Jaguar XJ, famous for its mega-powerful engines, behave in the body of an electric vehicle?

Well, all the details we are destined to know very soon. I want to believe, try them out yourself.


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