Mazda 6-2019.

Mazda 6-2019.

The Mazda 6 passenger car model has been produced by a Japanese corporation for 15 years, since 2002. The present third generation of the “six” has been produced since 2012. During this time, the car was not only the best-selling representative of a Japanese company in our country. But also the most popular model Mazda in the world.

This fact is confirmed. Car assembly is carried out immediately at 6 factories of the corporation in different countries of the world. Despite this fact, the company decided to develop and launch a new Mazda 6 model for sale in 2019.

The car gained its popularity due to the following advantages:

bright design; the ability to select different body options;

dynamic performance;

widespread use of modern automotive systems;



Therefore, when developing a new generation of automobiles, the designers and designers of the company sought not only to preserve the existing positive qualities of the car. But also to develop them. The results of the work will be appreciated by fans of the brand. When will the new Mazda 6 sample 2019.


The new model will retain the similarities. Also dimensions from the previous generation. But even the photo shows several details. Thanks to which, the car began to look more stylish. The front part has changed slightly. There is still the same long hood. He has a highly elevated central part. Huge grille with fine mesh and chrome finish. Sharp rectangular optics that fits perfectly into the look of the car.

With the body kit is not so simple. Here you can now see additional air intakes. The largest of which is located under the main grid. It is a thin strip. Next to it are the low beam lines.

All the same concise view in profile. In addition to the undulating relief, large glasses, divided by pseudo-resistant and edged with chrome, as well as a sports type of skirt, there is nothing to distinguish here. All other details have gone through a very minor transformation.

The same situation with the rear bumper. The new body here boasts only aerodynamic protrusion on the trunk. It is enlarged by optics and, finally, by a double exhaust placed in a body kit.



The planned changes in the interior of the new version of the Mazda 6 2018 2019 are minimal.

This is due to the fact that the current generation car interior is one of the best in its class. Therefore, the designers of the company tried to maintain the following key advantages:

1) high ergonomics. Allows you to confidently drive a car.

2) the presence of a multifunctional complex with a touch screen. Allows you to manage a significant number of functions of the car.

3) a special design of the front seats. They are equipped with a large number of settings with increased lateral support. This allows you to feel comfortable when traveling long distances and when driving at high speed.

4) a convenient location in the back seat of three passengers due to the additional volume. It is derived from the expansion of the wheelbase.

5) unique sound insulation. What is very important for a dynamic sports car with a powerful engine.

6) increased thickness of the front glass.

7) high quality finish. Used premium materials corresponding to the status of the model.

The special features of the Mazda 6 include the presence in the cabin of a special color display. It is located above the instrument panel to display technical and other information necessary for the driver during driving. As well as a separate climate complex for passengers in the back row of seats.

Technical parameters and equipment.

For completing the power units of the new Mazda 6 provided two gasoline engines with the following technical characteristics:

Four-cylinder with in-line arrangement, volume of 2.20 liters. and a capacity of 215.0 liters. with.

Six-cylinder with a V-shaped layout, a volume of 3.0 liters and a capacity of 350.0 forces.

In the transmission with both engines is intended to use a six-speed automatic box or manual transmission.

Traditionally, Japanese cars are equipped with a large number of auxiliary systems and additional equipment, which is characteristic of a new model.
It is necessary to highlight:

GVC driving comfort complex;

keyless access; multifunctional steering wheel;

controllers of rain, light, parking;

rearview camera with dynamic parameters;

self-braking complex;

LED headlights, fog lights, running lights;

adaptive lighting complex with the ability to switch the light of headlights;

audio system with eleven speakers.

A complete list of equipment, as well as options for picking Mazda 6 2019, the company will present immediately before the start of mass production.

Configuration and prices.

According to company representatives, the price of the Mazda 6 2019 will remain at the same level as before. The basic configuration is estimated at 1.3 million. It will be possible to find several airbags, air conditioning, power steering, tire pressure sensor, a full set of electric windows, fog lights, heating and adjusting mirrors, first-row seats, central locking and anti-theft system.

Nearly 2 million will have to be given to the dealer for the top car version. But in this case, the car is also supplemented with a hatch, a blind zone monitoring system, emergency braking, traffic control in the lane, cruise control, start-stop function, parking assistants from all sides, rear-view camera, keyless entry, heated steering wheel and windshield, ventilation and memory adjustments to the first row of seats, light and rain sensors, adaptive lighting, washer optics and navigation.

Released in Russia.

This beauty will arrive in Europe only in the summer of 2018. To buy it from us. We’ll have to wait even more. The start of sales in Russia will begin only in the autumn of 2018.


A similar level of equipment. So low cost. Can not boast so many decent devices. Particular attention of them are only such representatives as the BMW 2-nd series. Also Audi A4, Toyota Corolla and Hyundai Sonata.

Also watch the video presentation of the new Mazda 3, throughout the logic of the Mazda 6 will be similar to this car:

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