KIA Carnival VIP 2022.

KIA Carnival VIP 2022.

KIA Carnival VIP 2022.

KIA Carnival VIP 2022: luxury van version with separate seats and foot massage.

The new generation KIA Carnival minivan has got a luxury version called «VIP».

The basis for this modification was the Carnival HiLimousine with a plastic superstructure that increases the height of the cabin.

Compared to the donor, the salon of the Kia Carnival VIP modification is exclusively four-seater. In the back of the van there are only two separate seats.

KIA Carnival VIP 2022.

They are upholstered in nappa leather and are ventilated, heated and electrically adjustable. Plus, retractable footrests and the ability to recline are designed to please the rear passengers.

Interestingly, the luxurious Carnival VIP was the first model to receive a built-in foot massager.

This device was developed in cooperation with the Korean company Hutech and, when activated, it moves out of the box under the feet of the riders.

Between the rear seats is a touchscreen tablet for controlling various electronics, and the massive armrests «hidden» wireless charging for smartphones, heated and cooled cup holders, folding tables and even a refrigerator.

KIA Carnival VIP 2022.

Among other features of the VIP-version of the minivan’s cabin, it is worth noting the flat floor covered with laminate and a 21-inch monitor located under the ceiling.

A transverse bar has appeared in the trunk, on which you can hang clothes, and in the underground, the developers have provided two compartments for shoes.

You can order the KIA Carnival VIP only with the top 3.5-liter V6 GDI petrol engine with a capacity of 294 hp, which works in tandem with an eight-speed automatic.

KIA Carnival VIP 2022.

At the same time, this modification additionally boasts a retuned suspension with softer springs and shock absorbers.

In South Korea, such a car costs 76,000 dollars (almost 5.7 million rubles at the current exchange rate), while for the usual version of the model, the developers ask for $ 28,000 (2.1 million rubles).

The business was not limited to the appearance of a luxury version, and the new Kia Carnival 4 also received a Noblesse Outdoor version.

It is a simple and relatively inexpensive camper, starting at $ 33,000 (2.5 million rubles).

KIA Carnival VIP 2022.

This modification has an increased range of longitudinal adjustment of the second row seats.

The latter can be moved right up to the front seats here, and a regular mattress can be laid out in the vacant back seat.

The resulting berth is designed for two people up to 180 cm in height. Plus, in the list of camper equipment, there is a detachable awning tent, and its shape is adjusted to the stern of the car.

In addition, several new features have become available for the 2022 KIA Carnival model year.

For example, the electronics of the model have learned to broadcast a picture from all-round cameras to the owner’s smartphone, which allows you to remotely control the parking lot.

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