Kia Mohave 2023.

Kia Mohave 2023.

Kia Mohave 2023.

The updated Kia Mohave 2023 was officially unveiled last week. This model will be available on the home market.

According to the manufacturer, the SUV has undergone minor changes during the update.

At the same time, the car has retained all-wheel drive transmission and frame construction.

As for the changes, the engineers of the Korean brand finalized the chassis and suspension, which reduced body vibration and thereby improved comfort in the cabin.

The company’s engineers also equipped the SUV with a double-glazed window, so the noise level in the cabin has decreased.

By default, the Kia Mojave 2023 is equipped with an emergency brake start system, which prevents a second collision in case of an accident.

This means that after the update, the Korean model has become much safer. As for the appearance, the car has not undergone any changes.

Except that the developer has decorated the body of the SUV with new glossy black details.

If we talk about the technical characteristics of the «Korean», there are some interesting improvements. Thus, the manufacturer has improved the turbodiesel unit put in the car.

Kia Mohave 2023.

It had to do as in South Korea began to operate more stringent environmental requirements, which relate to motors, working on «heavy» fuel.

Now the engine emits less harmful gases. On the home market for the updated Kia Mohave 2023 the manufacturer asks $41,000, which at the current exchange rate is the equivalent of 3.09 million rubles.

Recall that in our country for the pre-reformed modification of the model buyers will have to pay 4.08 million rubles for the basic package.

Kia Mohave 2023.

It is not yet known whether the modernized SUV will reach Russia. But if it does happen, the car will reach dealers no earlier than the end of this year.

Thus earlier in Network there was information that Kia Mojave 2023 can cardinally change image and enter the market in a body of the pickup. It is connected with successful release of Hyundai Santa Cruz truck.

The Mohave in a pickup truck should keep its frame construction, as this version meets the needs of motorists better. Indirectly this information was confirmed by one of the representatives of the Korean brand.

Such a model could be in high demand in the Australian and American markets.

Kia Mohave 2023.

In this case, the company has not officially confirmed information about the release of the Mohave pickup, but also did not refute it.

However, judging by reviews on the web, car enthusiasts are favorable to such an idea of the company Kia.

As for the SUV itself, its updated version of the 2022 model year went on sale on the world market not so long ago.

Despite the fact that the car has a high cross-country ability and a decent level of comfort, many of the owners were not satisfied with their purchase.

Kia Mohave 2023.

The main problem of Korean model is a very high price. Thus, the main competitor of Mohave — Ford Explorer, is offered for much less money. And yet the «American» has similar characteristics.

Also, some motorists believe that the previous modification of the SUV was safer.

The car quickly breaks the rear shock absorber, which is not repairable.

And it is expensive to replace it. As for the pluses of the SUV, first of all its exterior and interior are noted here.

The car really looks very attractive, catching the eye on the road.

Mohave interior shows luxury and practicality. The car has very comfortable seats, in which you do not get tired during a long trip.

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