Lexus ES 2020.

Lexus ES 2020.

Lexus ES 2020.

Lexus ES 2020: comfortable and functional business sedan.
Lexus has long established itself as a brand of luxury cars in all respects. Especially impressive are the sedans of this brand, which often get restyled enough to remain popular.

The next update went to the ES business sedan. The new model will get an even more aggressive and striking appearance, interior, which will receive a bunch of innovations both to increase comfort and to increase functionality.

Also Lexus ES 2020 will receive excellent characteristics, allowing the car to show itself well over long distances. Of course, the price of the car will be at a fairly high level and differ from competitors.


Of course, the Lexus brand has always been distinguished by the chic design of its cars, and the new body is no exception. In the photo you can see a huge amount of relief, both wavy and stepped. Also, the appearance of the car is improved by a formidable air intake system, bright optics, discs and other elements.

Lexus ES 2020

The front part of the car looks the most aggressive and modern. It is short and set quite low. For even better aerodynamics, the muzzle is tilted and rounded.

Also here you can find a bunch of relief, which already starts from the hood. It is distinguished by a massive protrusion in the center and depressions made in the form of triangles on the sides. Also, the side parts of the muzzle are complemented by aggressive optics made in the form of thin stripes with protrusions.

LED lights are used as headlights in any configuration. As with all Lexus cars, in the center of the bumper you can find a large polygonal air intake system, which gives the car’s appearance even more aggression.

The perimeter of the grille is finished with a chrome line, and inside you can see a very fine mesh and the Lexus brand badge.
The bumper body kit takes up little space, since most of the space here is filled with the aforementioned grille. It protrudes slightly outward and is characterized by a wavy relief.

On different sides of the main air intake, you can see small triangular cutouts in which there are grilles that allow air to pass to the braking system of the machine. They are decorated with a chrome frame. Fog optics are not provided here in any configuration.

On the sides, the car looks flat, as a business sedan should look. There is no catchy relief or colorful decor here. All elements are in place and are not very striking. It is worth immediately highlighting the rather large windows, which are always framed with a chrome line, and are separated by racks painted in gloss black.

Lexus ES 2020.

You can also notice here triangular rear-view mirrors, including chrome inserts. They decided to place the turn signal repeaters not on the mirrors, but a little lower. There is a lot of undulating relief on the main part of the profile. The same abundance of relief is found below. Swollen wheel arches stand out especially here.

The rear of the car even surpasses the front in terms of aggression. The trunk is short, but high. Its finish begins with a lid, which is complemented by an aerodynamic lip to aid in handling and acceleration.

Next comes the very aggressive triangular optics, which are interconnected by the thinnest chrome line. You can also find a bunch of stepped reliefs here. The body kit is also impressive, consisting of the same relief, fog signals, a black metal diffuser and two large cutouts of the exhaust system.


The interior of the car is in no way inferior to the exterior. The new Lexus ES 2020 model year is always finished with excellent genuine leather, has inserts made of metals and even wood.

There is also a branded multimedia complex, impressive with its wide range of options that provide a high level of comfort for both passengers and drivers.

Lexus ES 2020.

The center console of the car is made in the corporate style of the Lexus brand. The apex of the dash begins with a massive widescreen display, which is controlled by touch and a small washer on the left.

A little below the monitor, you can find subtle deflectors. The remaining space is set aside for small panels with analog buttons for controlling climate-related options.

The torpedo enters the tunnel with the help of a small compartment covered with a curtain, where you can put your hand luggage. The tunnel itself includes a transmission selector, cup holders, covered with a flap, and a massive armrest, under which you can find a glove compartment with a function to cool the contents.

The seats here make a particularly pleasant impression. Four passengers will feel best in the car. The chairs will be finished only with genuine leather.

In addition to the premium trim, side bolsters, head restraints, electrical adjustments, heating, ventilation and a host of other options are included that seriously increase the level of passenger comfort.

As the test drive shows, the luggage compartment here is able to accommodate things with a volume of as much as 500 liters, which is an excellent indicator for a business sedan.

Lexus ES 2020.


One of four power plants can be located under the hood of the Lexus ES 2020. The most interesting option is the hybrid, which is driven by a 2.5-liter gasoline engine and an electric motor.

The output of the installation is 218 horsepower. Traditional motors are all gasoline. The buyer can choose between installations of 2, 2.5 and 3.5 liters, the return of which is 150, 200 and 249 horsepower, respectively.

Gasoline engines are paired with an automatic transmission. The hybrid is equipped with a variator. The car is exclusively front-wheel drive.

Options and prices

The cost of the car varies from 2.5 to 4 million rubles.


The car competes with models such as the Audi A6, BMW 5 Series and Mercedes E-Class.

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