Lexus LC 2021.

Lexus LC 2021.

Lexus LC 2021.

Lexus LC 2021: sports coupe with revised suspension.
Each new product of the Lexus automobile brand becomes a subject of discussions and comments, therefore interest in the announcement of a new version of the premium coupe — Lexus LC 2021 is natural.

According to available data, the new model will also be produced in the executive configuration “sedan”.

The planned restyling had a positive effect on reducing the metal consumption of the body, modernizing the style of the salon interior, updating the parameters of technical equipment and functional media electronics.

The model meets the needs of the youth driving segment, as well as older car enthusiasts who prefer a dynamic driving style.


Changes in the new look of the sports coupe are minimal: an interesting design of 21-inch wheels and an expanded color scheme of paintwork. In the photo, in the most expressive front view, the new body effectively demonstrates:

• ribbed sidewalls of the hood narrowed towards the front edge;

• exclusive texture of the mesh, decorated with the brand logo and chrome-plated perimeter of the X-shaped radiator grille;

• energetic strokes of the running lights, as well as the angular configuration of the three-element frontal optics units.

Lexus LC 2021.

The exterior surrounds of the front end are complemented by the vertical arrangement of the side ventilation diffusers and a large number of details of the dynamic sports relief.

In a less advantageous and expressive profile projection, the novelty of the lineup is identified:

• along the sloping contour of the domed roof, which falls down to the trunk, which is characteristic of coupe bodies;

• compact format of high side glazing;

• the presence of vertical air intakes in the area of ​​the rear arches.

The coupé’s belonging to the sports car segment is evidenced by its excellent aerodynamics and characteristic racing wedge-shaped body configuration, low ground clearance and increased diameters of titanium spoke rims.

Lexus LC 2021.

In the design and layout features of the stern:

• short boot lid decorated with spoiler lip and branding;

• three-beam contour and original branded graphics of the rear lights;

• located under the ribbed protruding profile niche for the license plate.

The sporty status of the car is confirmed by the large-caliber rectangles of chrome-plated tailpipes connected by a decorative strip. In general, the coupe of the new generation is somewhat aggressive, at the same time stylish and presentable.


The advantages of the leather interior, modernized in a number of parameters, are the premium quality of finishing and decorative materials, an ergonomic layout of carefully profiled seats, first-class characteristics of technical and electronic accessories.

Lexus LC 2021.

• Free from structural parts, the upper segment of the multifunctional steering wheel complemented by blocks of command buttons provides a convenient overview of the digital instrument cluster with one unified dial and LED indicators.

• The touch-sensitive touchpad of the media display installed in the center console is responsible for activating and quickly adjusting the numerous functional and comfort-enhancing options.

• The standard set of the front panel also includes a key station, a cabin climate control panel, analog watches, traditional for premium models, and a spacious niche for documentation and personal belongings.

Of all the fairly rich equipment of the tunnel, the photo shows the transmission shift joystick and the panel with the travel mode switches.

The premium status of the car presupposes the presence of organizers, cup holders and a mini-refrigerator located under the double armrest.

The service of sports pilot seats includes in its list of expanded adjustment ranges for heating, ventilation and several modes of vibration massage.

The limited comfort of the second row two-seater sofa is offset by the presence of a wide reclining armrest with several special options and air vents.

For tall passengers, a low ceiling sloping aft can create discomfort. The nominal volume of the luggage compartment with the “dock” laid in the floor recess is 197 liters.


In the new incarnation of the sports coupe, the overall dimensions of the predecessor in proportional ratios of 4770 x 1920 and 1345 mm, the center base of 2870 and the ground clearance of 125 mm remained unchanged.

The upgrade largely affected the modernization of the chassis. The executive class coupe is based on the TNGA-L platform with a double wishbone independent front suspension and a spring multi-link rear axle.

Lexus LC 2021.

• The assets of the thoroughly revised chassis include anti-roll bars, ventilated disc brakes and efficient operation of electronic assistants and road safety systems. The new version of the Lexus LC 2021 will retain the high traction and speed characteristics of the power tandem.

• In the basic configuration, it is an atmospheric gasoline “eight” with parameters of 5 l / 477 hp / 540 Nm of peak thrust, which is accompanied by a 10-speed automatic transmission of the Direct Shift series.

The test drive showed the dynamics of dialing the first hundred of 4.7 seconds, access to indicators of maximum speed, fuel consumption and other technical information is still closed.

Options and prices

The cost of a new coupe in foreign markets starts at $ 93,000. The preliminary price in domestic branded car dealerships is a little over 7 million rubles.

Competing models

In the list of 10 real competitors, the leading models of the same type are the Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupe, Nissan GT-R, Bentley Bentayga, BMW 6-Series GT and Jaguar XJ.

The new Lexus LC 2021 model year can successfully compete not only with basic models, but also with their advanced post-styling versions.

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