Lexus TX 600 2023.

Lexus TX 600 2023.

Lexus TX 600 2023.

The appearance of the Lexus TX 2023 crossover has been unveiled. No one expected such a strong resemblance to the Toyota Highlander.

Relatively recently, the new Lexus TX 2023 crossover was announced.

However, at the moment there is no official information about this model.

But this did not prevent Japanese magazine MAG-X designers to create a visualization of the novelty with the help of computer graphics.

At the same time it is reported that the real TX will look like the car on the rendering.

In the published photo it is clearly seen that the novelty will be designed in the brand style.

At the front there is a narrow optic, similar to what is present on another crossover brand, namely Lexus NX of the second generation.

However, this car has a significant difference from all cars of the brand — there is no brand spindle-shaped radiator grille.

Lexus TX 600 2023.

Instead of it designers put two divided air intakes. The profile of the model repeats the design of Toyota Highlander, but, most likely, the artist did so to simplify himself.

Lexus TX 600 2023.

By the way, it should be noted that the novelty will share front-wheel drive «bogie» TNGA GA-K with Toyota crossover, but earlier it was suggested that the car will be based on TNGA-L architecture with rear-wheel drive.

Also representatives of the magazine MAG-X managed to find out that the new crossover will have a body length of more than five meters.

Lexus TX 600 2023.

It means that the model will be even larger than the RX. In size the car is likely to be inferior only to the SUV LX.

It is reported that modifications Lexus TX350 and TX500h will appear on the market initially.

However, we do not know what exactly these numbers mean in the markings, but we can assume that a Japanese crossover with a 500-horsepower motor will soon be released.

Lexus TX 600 2023.

At the moment the manufacturer does not share information regarding prices and timing of the model’s debut on the market.

However, according to experts, the model will appear in late 2022 or early 2023.

This car, in the first place will be aimed at the U.S. market, where models of Lexus brand enjoy the greatest demand.


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