Mercedes EQA 2022.

Mercedes EQA 2022.

Mercedes EQA 2022.

Mercedes EQA 2022: a bright and practical electric crossover.

At the end of 2019, the automotive public was shown an interesting crossover Mercedes GLA, and now it’s the turn of its electric counterpart — the Mercedes EQA 2022 — to be introduced to the market.

Despite the same MFA platform and similar body, there are differences between the gasoline and electric versions in the exterior and interior design.

Be that as it may, the new model, according to the calculations of the manufacturer, is sure to find its buyer, even at a relatively high price and to some extent tied to the «socket».

The combination of bright design and practicality will help the car find its fans both among young people and among older car enthusiasts.


Judging by the photo, the firstborn appearance of electric crossovers from Mercedes combines elements of corporate style and futuristic European design.

A restyling adds aggressiveness to the body, but at the same time retains the elegance and refinement inherent to the Stuttgart brand.

The most interesting part is the front end of the new body. Set at an average height and not outstanding length and width, it looks very impressive due to the glossy black edging of the front window, pronounced longitudinal relief of the hood lid, as well as large blocks of headlamps with high-quality LED stuffing.

Mercedes EQA 2022.

Between them there is a plastic grille with a large chrome logo.

Aerodynamic dodger looks very sporty. Here Mercedes EQA 2022 boasts vertically oriented diffusers venting the front brakes, as well as shaped overlays near the fine-meshed plastic grid of the reserve air intake.

There are also quite a lot of decorative elements, represented by a chromed bumper top, a pair of transverse strips of pseudo-grid, which cools the engine system, as well as solid embossed transitions.

The profile part of the new body looks less expressive, but is distinguished by quite stylish details.

Thus, rounded roof with a slightly extended due to the spoiler finishes passes in a rather austere window figure with chrome frame and massive black dividing pillars.

This part is complemented by large wedge-shaped mirrors, small door handles, as well as large, strongly stepped wheel recesses with bright 19-inch multi-spoke wheels.

The rear looks more appealing. It’s done in typical crossover style and attracts attention with a pointed spoiler visor with stop lights on the edge, covering the oval, slightly inclined glass of the fifth door.

Its main part is set almost vertically and attracts attention with slim, stylish LED parking lights, visually connected by an elegant lintel.

Mercedes EQA 2022.

Other noteworthy details include chrome badges and brand symbols, smooth relief transitions, as well as a narrow, but slightly protruding from the body shell.

There is a place for fog strips, ventilation diffusers, as well as a fairly aggressive plastic dodger with aerodynamic transitions.

In general, the last restyling of the crossover so refreshed it that the next update should not need the car very soon.


Inside the new Mercedes EQA 2022 model year, there are only the best trim materials: genuine leather, wood, inserts of polished aluminum and excellent plastic.

Buyers will also be pleased with the car’s solid multimedia equipment, as well as beautiful and comfortable seating.

Controls and controls

The dashboard is quite ascetic, despite the presence of a huge monitor, including a 12-inch virtual dashboard and a large command-media touchscreen console.

Immediately in front of the driver is a proprietary sporty multicool, with which you can work with a large number of car options.

In addition, the appearance of the torpedo is formed by the convex twin deflectors of ventilation and consisting of two lines of buttons control unit for on-board options.

Mercedes EQA 2022.

The central tunnel is difficult to call large, but there is enough space for the technical unit, cup holders, organizer, as well as a solid armrest, the contents of which can be cooled or heated.

Seats and trunk

The car is positioned as a five-seater, and the well-profiled, soft seats can comfortably accommodate five adult passengers.

Front row seats are equipped very well: developed lumbar-side support, comfortable headrests, precision electric position settings, heating and ventilation are designed to make any trip very comfortable.

The rear sofa is simpler, but it also boasts a hinged central armrest, as well as the possibility to adjust the position of the backrest.

As for the luggage compartment, it can easily hold 500 liters of luggage, and with the folded back row of seats, this figure can be more than doubled.


Small dimensions of the Mercedes EQA 2022, 4.76 by 1.88 by 1.625 meters, allows you to assign the novelty to the class of medium-format crossovers.

Unfortunately, buyers will not be able to count on high ground clearance: here it is only 120 mm.

Mercedes EQA 2022.

Unfortunately, technical characteristics of the new car at first time will be not the most outstanding: only front drive and electric motor with 190 «horses».

It is possible to drive almost 430 kilometers on such tandem. The two-engined model with all-wheel drive, which will appear a little bit later, will be capable to give already 272 hp.

To finish the lineup will be a version that is able to drive 510 kilometers without recharging.

As the test drive showed, the car can easily overcome quite a long distance and cope well with various road difficulties. But it is not recommended to go off-road on it.

Options and prices

German crossover will be available in three configurations, each of which can be expanded by the purchase of additional packages.

At home, the price of the car starts with 47.5 thousand euros, all additional equipment is estimated at another 4.5 thousand units of European currency.

Competing models

Electric crossovers are very popular, that’s why the new Mercedes has a lot of competitors: among them Jaguar I-Pace, Audi e-tron quattro, BMW iX3, Volvo XC40 and Hyundai Kona Electric.

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