Opel Frontera 2024.

Opel Frontera 2024.

Opel Frontera 2024.

Another revived name: the Opel Frontera crossover will replace the Crossland.

The new product will appear on the European market later this year. So far, the manufacturer has only shared a couple of teasers.

The German brand Opel, as well as its British counterpart Vauxhall, today belong to the young auto giant Stellantis.

Now the manufacturer is preparing a new crossover: previously camouflaged prototypes were repeatedly captured by spy photographers during road tests.

Now the company has declassified the name of the future new product: it has been decided to give it the revived name Frontera.

Previously, from 1989 to 2004, Opel had already produced a model with this name: it was a “twin” of the Japanese SUV Isuzu Mu (in the USA it was sold under the names Isuzu Amigo and Rodeo Sport in different generations).

The model had a rather brutal design and was offered with three and five-door bodies, with rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive.

Opel Frontera 2024.

The new Opel Frontera crossover will replace the current Crossland SUV; the current version (after restyling) has been produced since 2020.

The company said that the full premiere of Frontera will take place later this year. So far, the manufacturer has published only a couple of darkened teasers of the future new product.

One of them shows the silhouette of a crossover with a traditional five-door body, a hood with stampings, a massive front bumper, roof rails, an antenna in the “tail” and a spoiler crowning the tailgate.

Opel Frontera 2024.

The second photo partially shows the front part with a “piece” of LED head optics, as well as plugs in place of the traditional radiator grille.

It features the updated Opel brand logo; By the way, Frontera will be the first model to receive a refreshed emblem.

The company noted that the new product will be roomy and suggested that it will be of interest to “customers who prefer an active lifestyle” and will also be suitable as a family car.

Opel Frontera 2024.

There is no information about the interior yet; most likely, the SUV will be equipped with a fully digital instrument panel.

It is assumed that the Frontera will be slightly larger than the current Opel Crossland; the model will probably be comparable in size to the Dacia Duster, Skoda Karoq and Kia Niro.

There is no official information about the “filling” of the future crossover; All that is known is that the model will have both versions with an internal combustion engine and with all-electric technology.

According to preliminary data, the Opel Frontera will be based on the CMP platform from the Stellantis portfolio.

Opel Frontera 2024.

Probably, in the first case, the SUV will receive a hybrid installation like the current Corsa: it is based on a 1.2-liter turbo engine, the total output is equal to either 100 hp. (205 Nm), or 136 hp. (230 Nm).

The electric version of Frontera will most likely have a single 156-horsepower electric motor located on the front axle, as well as a traction battery with a capacity of 51 kWh.

The “green” Corsa has a similar “filling”; in its case, the maximum power reserve is limited to 402 km (when calculated using the WLTP cycle).

The Opel press service promised to publish new pictures of the future crossover in the coming weeks, as well as provide more detailed information about the upcoming Frontera.


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