Toyota GR Yaris 2024.

Toyota GR Yaris 2024.

Toyota GR Yaris 2024.

Updated Toyota GR Yaris: automatic transmission and original interior.

The “hot” hatchback Toyota GR Yaris initially stood out among its rare classmates.

This is not just a city car with a powerful engine, but actually a preparation for motorsport — with an original three-door body (the “civilian” Yaris does not have this), independent rear suspension (instead of a beam) and all-wheel drive.

All this pointed to a separate independent model, and not just a special version of the Yaris.

Thanks to the chairman of Toyota Corporation and a great motorsports enthusiast, Akio Toyoda.

He has already left his post, but his business lives on, and the updated Toyota GR Yaris has become even more attractive.

Toyota explains all innovations solely by functionality. Even external ones!

For example, experience in participating in rallies suggested the need for a multi-component bumper instead of a monolithic part.

From now on, the GR Yaris hatchback has it divided into five parts, because it is faster and cheaper to replace damaged elements.

This also explains the abandonment of fog lights. Or take the central brake light: previously it was located on the upper spoiler, but this location turned out to be unreliable when landing after jumps.

Toyota GR Yaris 2024.

Now the third brake light has been placed between the main rear lights.

An even more unconventional solution was the completely original interior, which has virtually no common details with the regular Yaris.

To many it may seem like an absurdity chopped with an ax, but everything was done strictly for the sake of ergonomics and ease of use at high speeds.

The fact is that the interior of the standard Yaris does not shine with visibility: the high seating position, the protruding tablet of the media system and the hanging interior mirror turned the windshield into a blind loophole.

Toyota GR Yaris 2024.

Now it’s a completely different matter! The new angular front panel not only surrounds the driver in a sporty way, but also allows the multimedia screen to be lowered by 15 mm.

The interior mirror was raised by 20 mm, and the driver’s seat, on the contrary, was lowered by 25 mm. As a result, not only visibility has improved, but also the ease of driving.

Devices are now digital. And even the power window units are now located at an angle, because this makes it easier to reach them while wearing multi-point sports seat belts.

The list of technical improvements is no less impressive. The 1.6 turbocharged engine has increased boost pressure from 1.6 to 1.8 bar, reinforced pistons and more efficient injectors, and the intake manifold and intercooler now have a water spray system.

Toyota GR Yaris 2024.

This increased power from 272 to 304 hp and torque from 370 to 400 Nm in Japanese specification. Cars for Europe have 280 hp. and 390 Nm.

However, the main innovation was the eight-speed Aisin automatic transmission. It has a beefed-up torque converter and an additional radiator for better cooling, and comes with steering wheel-mounted paddle shifters and an extra 20kg of weight.

Petrolheads will wince here, but the automatic transmission will significantly expand the audience of the GR Yaris model.

Moreover, the basic six-speed manual transmission is still in service and has even acquired a more precise switching mechanism.

And for three-pedal hatchbacks, a new handbrake drive with a “drift” vertical lever has been proposed.

Toyota GR Yaris 2024.

There are other targeted, but numerous improvements. To increase rigidity, the body has 13% more weld points and 24% more adhesive joints.

The suspension uses stiffer shock absorbers (28% at the front and 11% at the rear), and their upper mounts are strengthened.

The front differential has an additional air intake for cooling, and the entire all-wheel drive system (with a clutch on the rear axle and Torsen self-blocks) has new control algorithms.

The basic Normal mode with a 60:40 thrust distribution along the axes is retained, but the Gravel preset (53:47) has appeared, and in the Track mode (previously 50:50) the thrust distribution now varies from 60:40 to 30:70.

The updated Toyota GR Yaris is already available for pre-order in Japan and Europe, but the exact prices will become known only closer to the summer, when the official start of sales is scheduled.


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