Suzuki Invicto 2024.

Suzuki Invicto 2024.

Suzuki Invicto 2024.

Suzuki has unveiled a new 8-seat minivan Invicto, created from Toyota Innova.

The presentation of the new 2024 Suzuki Invicto minivan took place in India. This is another product that the Japanese company made from a Toyota model.

But this time, the manufacturer chose the Innova minivan, popular in India, which itself recently changed generations.

As before in such cases, the difference between the models comes down to a redesigned body and interior.

The Japanese novelty is offered in 7- and 8-seater versions with leather seats.

In the first case, the second row of seats is complemented by retractable footrests.

In addition to this, Invicto acquired an 8-inch touch screen (optionally replaced by a 10.1-inch one), several airbags, panoramic windows, a rear-view camera and other options.

Unlike the prototype, the Japanese model is produced only with a hybrid installation, while the Innova is also sold in India with a 2-liter naturally aspirated engine.

Suzuki Invicto 2024.

Invicto is equipped with the same motor, which is combined with a small electric motor and an electromechanical variator.

This combination produces up to 186 hp. The Japanese novelty is estimated at the equivalent of 2.84 million rubles.

In the global range of Suzuki, there have been and are quite a few monocabs of their own design — from utility kei cars to quite light compact vans.

Suzuki Invicto 2024.

But there have never been full-fledged minivans. In the Japanese market, Suzuki solved this problem long ago with OEM borrowing: they sell the Suzuki Landy minivan, which for a long time was a clone of the Nissan Serena model, but since last year has become the twin of the Toyota Noah monocab.

And now it has been decided to follow the same path in India, where Suzuki traditionally has a strong position. Only here another car is borrowed from Toyota.

The Suzuki Invicto minivan unveiled today is a converted Toyota Innova Hycross on the GA-C platform, which has been produced in India since the end of last year.

Suzuki Invicto 2024.

But the brand change was not limited to re-gluing emblems and nameplates: Maruti Suzuki joint venture did some additional work.

For example, Invicto has an original front bumper and a different grille with a massive horizontal bar.

The LED headlights have triple-section running lights, and the taillights are also divided into three parts: this is a family trait of Suzuki’s expensive models in the Indian market.

The original 17-inch wheels are also installed. These little things should be enough not to confuse two cars in the stream.

Of the seven body colors that Toyota has, the Suzuki minivan got only four. Otherwise, the 4755mm Invicto and Innova Hycross are identical.

In the cabin, only the color of the decorative inserts has been changed (copper instead of silver), and Suzuki also has only an all-black interior trim, while Toyota has two-tone options.

Suzuki Invicto 2024.

The Suzuki Invicto minivan can have seven or eight seats: in the first case, separate seats are installed on the second row, and in the second, a triple sofa. There are only two options to choose from.

Finally, if the Toyota Innova Hycross can have a 2.0 petrol engine or a hybrid power plant based on it, then the Suzuki Invicto is a non-alternative hybrid.

It has a two-liter aspirated (152 hp, 188 Nm), a traction electric motor (114 hp, 206 Nm) and an electromechanical variator. Peak system power — 186 hp

A minivan with a curb weight of 1620 kg can accelerate to “hundreds” in 9.5 s.

As a result, the Invicto will become the most expensive Suzuki model in India, with prices just starting at $30,100.

A similar hybrid Toyota costs the same, so there is no price gain. But no one expects record sales from a converted minivan.

The main task of the Invicto model is to keep those customers (including corporate ones) who have already «grown» out of the existing Suzuki models and are looking for a more impressive car.


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