Suzuki XBee 2023.

Suzuki XBee 2023.

Suzuki XBee 2023.

In the list of cars produced by Suzuki, there are quite original models.

One of them is now available for order on the market. We are talking about a miniature crossover Suzuki XBee 2023.

This cross is based on the Hustler kei car, which is quite popular in Japan. Dealers import Japanese modifications of the XBee, which means the presence of a right-hand drive mechanism.

The dimensions of such an SUV are more than modest — 3760x1670x1705 mm, and the wheelbase is 2435 mm.

Such a miniature size allows you to place only four passengers in the cabin.

Obviously, most of the proposals relate to the territory of the Far East. So, buying a cross with a liter 99-horsepower engine will cost at least 1 million rubles.

Suzuki XBee equipment includes a set of four airbags, cruise control, parking sensors, window tinting, an audio system and air conditioning.

The minimum price tag is set at one million rubles. That’s how much they ask for a crossover in one of the car dealerships of Khabarovsk.

Suzuki XBee 2023.

Its equipment list includes a 1.0-liter engine and an automatic transmission.

The power of the power unit corresponds to 99 horsepower. By the way, in a similar version in Vladivostok, the model costs 500 thousand rubles more.

Suzuki XBee 2023.

A crossover was built based on the Hustler hatchback, which is also already available for Russians. Its deliveries began in the spring under the same program.

The car is quite comfortable. The list of options includes airbags, an audio system, cruise control, air conditioning and much more.

Suzuki XBee 2023.

These little cars have a lot of pluses, and there is only one obvious minus — the right-hand drive. But the assembly is Japanese.

Suzuki XBee is a typical kei car. It is based on the Hustler model, which is in the top 10 most popular cars in Japan in its category.

Suzuki XBee 2023.

But what about the price? And she is also at the level of Granta. So, if the most affordable Russian sedan can hardly be bought for 800 thousand rubles (not to mention more or less equipped versions), then a dealer from Khabarovsk asks for 1 million rubles for a Suzuki XBee.

At the same time, the car has a liter petrol turbo engine with a capacity of 99 hp, an “automatic” and all-wheel drive.


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