Tank 300 2023.

Tank 300 2023.

Tank 300 2023.

Details about the Chinese Tank 300 SUV: it will soon appear in Russia.

Great Wall presented the Tank 300 SUV at the Chengdu Motor Show in July of the twentieth year.

Soon the model appeared on the domestic market, and the automaker immediately made it clear that the vehicle will be presented in other countries.

Back in the summer of the twenty-first Chinese cross-country vehicle patented in Russia, and later it became known that the start of sales in our market is scheduled for the beginning of 2023, the official package and prices will be announced soon.

As befits the name, the Tank 300 has a brutal and rather angular exterior design, and the developers are positioning it as a Chinese analogue of the Ford Bronco and Jeep Wrangler.

The proportions of the car body are deliberately old-fashioned, with unpainted bumpers in the front and rear.

The slightly rounded square arches, located on the legs of the mirror housing and the fifth door with the spare tire located on it also contribute to creation of off-road look.

The whole lighting equipment of the new Tank 300 has LED «stuffing», but is made in retro-style: the car will have round headlights and rectangular taillights.

By the way, the headlamp combined with blacked out grille is designed to remind classic Chinese off-road Beijing BJ212.

Tank 300 2023.

Cabin «three-hundred» is strictly five-seater (third row is not available even at extra charge). Its design is made in a strict style of off-road.

The interior looks presentable and finished with quality materials. In this case, the developers have taken care of its practicality and utility (for example, there are handrails on the front pillars).

«Flat» front panel of the new Tank 300 is decorated with turbine-like deflectors of ventilation, which causes associations with Mercedes G-Class.

The digital instrument panel and display of the multimedia system here has a diagonal of 12.3 inches and is visually combined into one unit.

The Tank 300 is based on the GW P01 frame chassis from the Haval H9.

Tank 300 2023.

The all-terrain vehicle has an independent front suspension and a rear continuous axle.

It has all-metal body, which means the possibility of removing the roof (like on Wrangler) is not provided.

The medium-sized SUV is 4 760 mm in length, 1 930 mm in width and 1 927 mm in height, and the distance between its axles is 2 750 mm.

Ground clearance is claimed to be 224 millimeters. Angles of entrance and exit are 33 and 34 degrees, respectively. According to the documents the truck is able to overcome fords up to 900 mm deep.

In China, the Tank 300 is equipped by default with a 2.0-liter inline gasoline «turbo four» rated at 227 hp (387 Nm), working in conjunction with an eight-speed automatic.

Tank 300 2023.

Later in the range appeared a full hybrid version, where a two-liter engine is combined with an electric motor in a nine-speed automatic transmission. Capacity of this modification is 420 «horses».

All versions of the model already in the base are equipped with a four-wheel drive with step-down and blocking all three differentials.

Driving electronics has 11 offroad modes.

In addition, the Tank 300 offers a number of advanced cornering systems called «Tank Turn».

Its use allows you to reduce the radius of turn on off-road. So the off-road potential of the vehicle is pretty good.

Note that Russia will be the second foreign country where the Chinese brand Tank is presented (after Saudi Arabia).

Tank 300 2023.

At our market sales of SUVs should start in the first half of the twenty-third.

The cars for Russia will be supplied directly from China, although in the future they may be assembled at the Haval factory in Tula.

To sell SUVs of the premium brand they promise to create a separate dealer network.

The modeling and price of the Tank 300 in Russia has not been announced yet. However, it is known that in China for the car asking a minimum of 198,800 yuan (1.72 million rubles at current exchange rate), but in Russia it will definitely be noticeably more expensive.

However, if you go to the message boards, you can find offers from companies willing to bring cars from China.

In this case, the cost of a new Tank 300 without mileage will be from 3.5 — 3.8 million rubles and higher.


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