Moskvich 3 2023.

Moskvich 3 2023.

Moskvich 3 2023.

The Moskvich 3  2023 parkettes have been certified in Russia.
The plant «Moskvich» has received certificates for the production of two new car models. They were issued by Rosstandart.

The first certificate was given to the car called «Moskvich 3».

Approval of the type of vehicle (OTTS). One of the documents was issued for the petrol «Moskvich 3» (plant code DA21, industry index 213505) and the second — for the electric «Moskvich 3e» (plant code DA22, industry index 213500).

However, in fact we are talking about only one model, but with different power plants — it’s Chinese crossover JAC JS4, which under the original brand is already presented at Russian dealers.

The second model, which received approval, was the «Moskvich 3e» — a copy of the electric JAC iEVs4.

Instead of a gasoline engine, the car will be equipped with an electric propulsion system.

«Moskvich 3» will have two modifications — with an atmospheric and supercharged petrol engines.

The capacity of the first — 109 horsepower, and the second — 150. Turbo-motor will be available with manual or variator, and the usual one — only with «manual».

In turn, «Moskvich 3e» will be equipped with electric motor SY Power TZ200XSIEM1 with 68 horsepower and battery Sinoev 21011S4C4. Cruising range will be 410 kilometers.

There are no pictures of revived «Moskvich», but apparently from the mentioned «Chinese» they will differ only by original nameplates.

Moskvich 3 2023.

This is indirectly confirmed by sketches attached to the OTTS. According to the certification documents, the crossover «Moskvich 3» and its battery counterpart reach a length of 4,410 mm, width — 1,800 mm, and height — 1,660 mm.

Distance between axles — 2 620 mm. The design of the chassis is simple — with a rear semi-independent suspension. Depending on a kitting the truck may have 17 or 18 inch wheels.

Technical stuffing of the «Russian» model is the same as the «Chinese». This means that exactly petrol crossover in our country can be ordered with two power units to choose from, suitable to work on AI-92.

Moskvich 3 2023.

In the base for the car is offered 1.6-liter atmospheric engine capacity of 109 hp (150 Nm), working in a sheaf with six-speed manual.

And the more expensive version has already a 1.5-liter turbo engine with 150 hp (210 Nm), and you can choose either manual or variator Punch VT3S for it.

As for the battery-operated Moskvich 3e, it is equipped with a synchronous electric motor of DY Power Technology, the rated power of which makes only 68 hp.

However, on the same JAC JS4 the latter produces 150 hp and 340 Nm of torque. The electric car is equipped with Sinoev Technologies traction battery with a capacity of 55 kWh. According to the documents, it should provide the car with a range of 410 km.

Moskvich 3 2023.

Both certified Moskvich have strictly front-wheel drive. Gasoline car weighs 1 440 kg, but the electric one is 1 800 kg.

The possibility to tow trailers is not provided for either. In the OTCS there is also a list of basic equipment.

The list includes climate control, driver airbag, stability system, central locking and power windows.

For an extra fee it will be possible to order safety curtains and airbag for front passenger. Other options are rear view camera with parktronic and cruise control.

Note that the certificates for the models «Moskvich 3» and «Moskvich 3e» were issued in Belarus and have a validity of only one year instead of the usual three years.

Moskvich 3 2023.

KAMAZ, a partner of the revived brand, which had already collaborated with the Chinese JAC, is the applicant.

The official presentation of both vehicles should take place soon, since their assembly is promised to start in December of the twenty-second year.

Recall that the production of cars will be carried out at the Moscow Automobile Plant «Moskvich», which has recently belonged to Renault.

At the first stage of crossovers will be produced by method of large-knot assembly from ready SKD-machine sets. By the end of this year they are planning to assemble 600 cars this way.

The Moskvich motor plant was revived in the capital in July 2022 after the industrial site of Renault which left Russia was transferred to the balance of the city.

Moskvich is expected to start assembling new cars in the near future.

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