Tank 300 City 2024.

Tank 300 City 2024.

Tank 300 City 2024.

The Tank 300 SUV received two new configurations of the City series at prices starting from 4.25 million rubles.

The Chinese frame SUV Tank 300 will be available in two new versions with the “City” prefix.

Such cars are equipped with Torque-on-Demand intelligent all-wheel drive.

The automaker estimated the City Adventure option at 4,249,000 rubles. The second City Premium package costs more — 4,699,000 rubles.

As the Russian office of the automaker clarified, the engine and transmission in conjunction with intelligent all-wheel drive remain the same.

The performance of the Tank 300 is ensured by a 2-liter 220-horsepower in-line petrol “turbo-four”, combined with an 8-speed automatic transmission.

Both new trim levels will receive a Torque-On-Demand system or “all-wheel drive on demand.”

Tank 300 City 2024.

It analyzes the road surface and the condition of the car using various sensors.

Depending on the situation, torque is distributed to the front and rear wheels automatically.

When driving evenly in a straight line, 97% of the torque comes from the rear drive.

Tank 300 City 2024.

If the car accelerates sharply, drives onto a slippery surface or slips, the thrust can be distributed in a ratio of 46:54.

In addition to the “smart” all-wheel drive, the City Adventure and City Premium versions differ in the set of buttons on the center console.

Buyers will find front and rear differential lock buttons in the cabin.

Tank 300 City 2024.

The control buttons for seat heating and ventilation have been moved closer to the driver and passenger.

There are only two modes left on the puck: all-wheel drive (AWD) and low-range mode (4L).

The expert mode function with the TOD version will not be available in the new trim levels.

Tank 300 City 2024.

But there are six driving modes. New additional options include opening and closing all four windows with one touch, automatic dimming of the rearview mirror and wireless charging.

Plus, the City Premium version comes with a blind spot monitoring system. And this is not the only new driving assistant.


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