Toyota Crown Kluger 2022.

Toyota Crown Kluger 2022.

Toyota Crown Kluger 2022.

Crossover Toyota Crown 2022 (Kluger): prices and all the details of the new model.

The name Crown has been present in the Toyota lineup since 1955: the Japanese called the sedan «crown», on the basis of which hardtops, station wagons and pickups were also created.

In 2018, the 15th generation of the model went on sale, and its only representative and heir to the eminent family was the mid-size rear-wheel drive sedan of the S220 version, which began to be produced in modest editions exclusively for the Land of the Rising Sun market.

In 2021, the 2021 Toyota Crown Kluger crossover will receive the name of the oldest sedan in the history of the Japanese brand.

The FAW-Toyota joint venture decided to borrow the word «crown» for the name of its SUV, which will be produced and sold in China: the car will be called the Crown Kluger, but unlike the sedan, it will be originally a front-wheel drive SUV built on the TNGA-K «trolley» will be optionally equipped with a coupling.

True, this model will not be unique, because in reality, this crossover will be a revised copy of the Highlander.

Toyota Crown Kluger 2022.

Review of the new crossover

Another, since the «local» Highlander is already being produced in the Celestial Empire, and another joint venture, GAC-Toyota, is assembling it.

Apparently, the «bottomless» Chinese market is not experiencing a particular shortage of SUVs, so the authors of the project thought that another variety of the popular Japanese SUV would not hurt it.

At the same time, potential buyers of the 2021 Toyota Crown Kluger will have something to brag about to the owners of «ordinary» Highlander, because here it was decided to take the American sports modification Highlander XSE, which is distinguished by more aggressive bumpers, as a basis.

Toyota Crown Kluger 2022.

In addition, instead of the oval Toyota badge, the Crown emblem in the form of a crown will be placed on the front of such a car.


In addition to the «sporty» body kit, the 2021 Toyota Crown will also differ from the Highlander in the design of the front end: the shape of the radiator grille and the appearance of the side air intakes.

The rest of the body elements will be identical, but an interesting nuance will be that outwardly almost identical cars will actually be assembled by different Chinese car factories.

Toyota Crown Kluger 2022.

Perhaps, over time, this unspoken «confrontation» of the Highlanders will result in the emergence of various individualization packages that will help these machines to distance themselves from each other, not only externally.


The presentation of both versions should take place before the end of April, and then it will become clear if there are any differences in the interiors of these SUVs.

Toyota Crown Kluger 2022.

So far, we can only expect the presence of different emblems on the steering wheel and, probably, different colors of trim and decorative elements, given that the Crown Kluger is «pseudo-sports»

But a more aggressive design will turn out to be just an image component, since the engines and transmissions of these cars will be exactly the same.

Specifications and filling

The 2021 Toyota Crown crossover will enter the market with one modification, to which at least one more will be added closer to winter.

So far, FAW-Toyota can only offer a hybrid built on the basis of a 2.5-liter naturally aspirated gasoline engine.

Together with an electric motor assisting it, such a hybrid unit will be able to deliver up to 192 hp. from.

By the way, the hybrid Japanese Highlander has the same atmospheric «four» under the hood, but it is helped by two electric motors, which increase the peak output to 243 hp. from.

In terms of cost, this crossover should be cheaper than its donor — the American Toyota Highlander XLE, which in the States, without additional options, is sold for $ 39,810.

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