Toyota GRMN Supra 2023.

Toyota GRMN Supra 2023.

Toyota GRMN Supra 2023.

The new Toyota GRMN Supra gets a 533-horsepower BMW turbo engine.

After Toyota presented the new Supra, in the development of which engineers took part BMW, there were rumors that the Japanese manufacturer will turn this model into a full-fledged sports car.

And such information has been published recently more and more often.

Thus, the Japanese media report about the soon release of the new Toyota GRMN Supra 2023, which will receive a 533-horsepower turbocharged engine from BMW.

It is reported that this sports car will be equipped by default with 7-speed gearbox with double clutch transmitting all tractive torque to rear wheels.

But as an option, all-wheel drive GRMN Supra will be offered.

According to preliminary information, besides increasing of power, engineers will work on a design of sports car.

The place of a standard hood will be taken by a modification with air intake designed for additional airing of the motor.

Toyota GRMN Supra 2023.

The front of the body will get more aggressive look partly due to the introduction of additional air vents.

According to rumors, Toyota engineers will use carbon fiber to make the roof and rear fenders.

It is rumored that the Japanese sports car will debut in early 2023. Such model will cost not less than 80 thousand dollars.

And while it is declared that Toyota will introduce GRMN Supra only on the home market. However, this information has not yet been officially confirmed.

Toyota GRMN Supra 2023.

Other sources say that the Japanese model will be equipped with a 503-horsepower turbo BMW engine and a six-speed «manual».

Meanwhile, standard Supra with manual gearbox will be presented on April 28. Remarkably, this modification of the sports car will be on sale in the Austrian market first.

The coupe Toyota Supra GRMN will be equipped with BMW S58 engine and a «robot».

Japanese magazine BestCarWeb shared the details about the special version of the Toyota Supra GRMN.

Under the hood of sports car will be 510-horsepower BMW 3.0 S58 engine coupled with a 7-band preselective «robot. Rear-wheel drive will be retained.

Toyota GRMN Supra 2023.

A BestCarWeb insider claims the Toyota Supra GRMN will get the same S58 inline-six engine as the next-generation BMW M3/M4 family.

The power unit will develop at least 510 horsepower and 600 Nm of torque, that is, the GRMN version will be a fast production Supra.

It is believed that Tetsuya Tada, the chief engineer of the Supra project, insists on creating a special GRMN version.

To prevent the Supra GRMN from becoming a competitor to BMW’s M-series sedans and coupes, the Japanese sports car’s production run will be limited.

Toyota GRMN Supra 2023.

It is claimed that Toyota will produce only 200 super-powered Supra, and the production will begin closer to the end of the life cycle of the model — not before 2023.

Because of the rarity and the globally refined stuffing, the price of Supra GRMN can be twice as much as the price of a conventional coupe with a 387-horsepower 3.0 engine.

Rumors about the appearance of a «track» version of the Supra GRMN have been circulating since the beginning of the year, and official Toyota representatives have indirectly confirmed the development of such a modification.

However, what technical stuffing the extreme version of the Japanese sports car will get is still kept secret.

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