Toyota Supra by WALD 2021.

Toyota Supra by WALD 2021.

Toyota Supra by WALD 2021.

Toyota Supra by WALD 2021. The revival of the famous Toyota Supra — the car that was the dream of everyone who watched and loves the films of the Fast and the Furious franchise — has long remained in question.

It was only known that the Japanese were up to something. But then the car came out and for a long time the manufacturer did not disclose its technical details.

No one knew what kind of motor took its place under the hood of the revived legend. But then it suddenly became known that the car had become a redesigned BMW Z4.

This caused a lot of controversy and ridicule. How could you spoil the legend like that? However, the controversy then subsided and the car began to sell, and quite well.

But what is a Supra without tuning, especially the exterior?

For a long time, a huge number of body kits, spoilers and other joys of those who like to improve their car in every possible way have been produced on the well-known model.

And now the Japanese company Wald International, standing on a par with such mastodons as VeilSide and Top Secret, has presented its vision of the revived drift legend.

Toyota Supra by WALD 2021.

The tuners turned their attention to the GR Supra and released two sets of body kits. The first of these offers the installation of a new splitter, side skirts and a rear diffuser.

The second one is more stylized under the theme of Formula 1 cars. It comes with a new hood and fenders, widened rear fenders, a different side skirt with an extension and a huge spoiler on the trunk lid.

In addition to body kits, both cars also received an understatement of the suspension and a new exhaust system.

Toyota Supra by WALD 2021.

At the moment, it is not known what the prices for the kits will be, since Wald International has not yet clarified anything on this matter.

But it is quite obvious that it will not be cheap. However, not as much as for the carbon body, since all body parts are made of ABS plastic.

Representatives of the company also assure that the body kits are easy to install. So simple that it can be done even at home.

More precisely, in the garage. In addition, the experts were clearly inspired by the original Supra to make the car even more recognizable.

Toyota Supra by WALD 2021.

And with the recent premiere of the Fast and the Furious franchise, which featured an orange Supra that Khan drives, sales of the new kits will obviously be strong.

As you know, Toyota Supra A90 is often criticized for being similar to the BMW Z4 roadster, from which it inherited the engine.

Tuning studio Wald International decided to radically alienate the appearance of the «Japanese woman» from its Bavarian donor.

The designers boldly call the resulting image “formula”, although he is far from real Formula 1 cars.

Toyota Supra by WALD 2021.

Most of all, the nose and stern have been changed, where new bumpers and a particularly aggressive diffuser with two twin exhaust pipes are located.

The fake air ducts in the rear arches are at the very least covered with solid body panels, and the lining on the arches add 45 mm width on each side.

The sports car is crowned with a giant two-piece wing.

Whether you like the new design or not is up to you.

It seems to us that he is both too bold and heterogeneous at the same time — successful stylistic moves coexist with failures. One thing’s for sure: this isn’t a BMW.

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