Toyota Starlet 2021.

Toyota Starlet 2021.

Toyota Starlet 2021.

Toyota Starlet 2021: new compact hatchback.
The Starlet model is well known to fans of the Toyota brand, because it was produced from the first half of the 70s of the last century and almost until its completion, having gone through four updates.

The novelty, named Toyota Starlet 2021, was born as a result of cooperation between Toyota and Suzuki, representing a slightly revised hit of sales of the last company — Baleno.

The new body looks very modern due to streamlined lines and additional decorative elements, the cabin will be quite comfortable, and the engine compartment characteristics will allow you to cope with most road situations without any problems.


Even from the photo, you can determine that the car does not differ in large dimensions, but it looks solid and elegant thanks to the large number of decorations scattered literally all over the body.

Toyota Starlet 2021.

The unpretentious relief is in perfect harmony with the elegant lighting technology and eye-catching air intake systems, creating not the most modern, but rather attractive look.

The restyling was most noticeable on the front of the novelty. There is a small, strongly inclined windshield, a modest bonnet with a smoothly rolling relief that elevates its central part, as well as large arrow-shaped head optics with high-quality halogen or xenon filling.

Between the headlights squeezed a chrome «smile» of a radiator grille, consisting of two curved horizontal slats and a reinforced, also chrome, lower edging.

Then a small body kit begins, on which you can find muscular aerodynamic transitions, a hexagonal, rather large slot of the main air intake, an area for a license plate, as well as two oval slots along the edges with round stylish foglights.

The profile of the 2021 Toyota Starlet looks bigger than it really is, due to smooth wavy transitions, small windows of the correct shape with thick black-matte struts rising to the rear, as well as rather large wheel arches with branded large-diameter discs.

Toyota Starlet 2021.

Quite wide sills, mirrors on thin black legs with turn signal repeaters in any configuration, as well as chrome door handles successfully complement the look.

The feed of the new model is no less interesting. It begins with a thin small visor with a stop-signal repeater, covering a small rounded glass, immediately under which a chrome-plated decorative strip passes.

The trunk lid itself came out very miniature, and, apart from the simplest relief and a couple of nameplates, nothing can be found on it. But the «leaves» of the side lights can boast of their size and attractive appearance.

The rear bumper of the novelty is quite high, but not protruding to the sides. On it you can see stamping for the number, a couple of fog signals along the edges, as well as a simple relief.


You won’t be able to find premium materials in the interior of the new Toyota Starlet 2021 model year, but plastic, fabrics and, less often, leather are quite decent quality.

The seats are also very comfortable, and the multimedia equipment, although not the coolest, will not let the driver and passengers get bored on the road.

Control and management bodies

The center console of the car is made quite simply, although it has an original extension at the bottom, in the center, which gives access to the climate control buttons. Upstairs, right in the center, flaunts a small but stylish multimedia display surrounded by deflectors.

The dashboard of the car is semi-digital, with bright rounds of the main sensors and an on-board computer in the middle.

Immediately in front of it is a stylish mid-size steering wheel with lots of buttons on the side spokes.

But the tunnel has nothing to boast of: narrow and low, it, in addition to a simple technical panel, will contain only two recesses for small things and not very comfortable, modest armrest.

Toyota Starlet 2021.

Seats and trunk

The car seats are well profiled and have medium-hardness filler, but there will not be enough space for five adults.

Therefore, it is better to travel long distances with no more than four people, folding out the armrest for greater comfort, into which the central part of the rear back can be turned.

Of the additional options, it is worth noting mechanical drives for adjustments and heated front seats.
The luggage compartment is also pretty mediocre: it holds about 340 liters of luggage when stowed. However, if you fold the back seat, this figure can more than double!

Toyota Starlet 2021.


The heart of the 2021 Toyota Starlet will be a 1.4-liter aspirated gasoline engine capable of producing 92 «horses».

Perhaps it will have a hybrid «helper» in the form of a starter-generator, which will increase power by about eight more forces. The buyer will be offered either a mechanical five-stage or a four-stage full automatic.

But in any case, the drive will be exclusively front.

You don’t even need a test drive to assess the capabilities of this car as rather modest.

However, for quiet movement on good roads, they will be quite sufficient, and low fuel consumption will be an additional pleasant bonus for the owner.

Options and prices

Most likely, the novelty will be supplied in two trim levels, and its price, according to insider information, will start from 800-850 thousand rubles, in terms of Russian money.

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