Toyota 4Runner 2021.

Toyota 4Runner 2021.

Toyota 4Runner 2021.

Toyota 4Runner 2021: a brutal and practical off-road conqueror.
For several decades, Toyota has been famous as a manufacturer of reliable frame SUVs designed for the most severe operating conditions.

In order to keep up with fashion and competitors, the company periodically restyles the most popular models of «crooks».

This time around, an update to the classic led to the 2021 Toyota 4Runner. As a result, the car has got a slightly more modern body with additional decor, a slightly more comfortable interior, as well as improved driving characteristics.

At the same time, the cost of the car remained almost unchanged, and the engine range was reduced to a single power unit.


Even from the photo of the novelty, one can understand that its appearance is more utilitarian than stylish.

Toyota 4Runner 2021.

Nevertheless, the lighting technology, air intake elements, relief and general outline of the body look quite modern and attract attention in the stream.

The most interesting is the front end of the Toyota 4Runner 2021. It is set high and has a very slight slope towards the road, which makes it difficult for drivers of short stature to see what is happening in front of the car.

This part begins with a small windshield, the angle of which is unusually small even for an SUV. Immediately in front of him begins a brutal, but almost reliefless hood, the only decoration and at the same time utilitarian detail of which is an air intake pocket located in the very center of the lid.

Below, attention is drawn to the swept headlights with high-quality filling of halogen or xenon lamps.

Strictly under them there are round foglights. The air intake grille is set high here and has a hexagonal shape sloping upwards. It contains a small pattern and is divided into two parts by a horizontal strip with a large brand name.

Toyota 4Runner 2021.

Below is the muscular body kit, adorned with a variety of aerodynamic transitions and reliably protected at the bottom by a lot of plastic and a metal plate in the middle.

The sides of the new body look very solid, recalling the off-road nature of the car. The angular roofline is accentuated by an expeditionary boot extending over the entire rear of the profile, large, austere glasses with wide pillars between them, and nearly rectangular huge wheel arches.

Between all this, a smooth relief is «sandwiched» into which large door handles and large mirrors with turn signal repeaters fit perfectly. Of course, it was not without a footboard, which makes it easier to get into the car, as well as a protective layer on the sills and arches.

The rear of the car is placed almost vertically and looks very powerful. Here, the new model is completely reminiscent of SUVs: a massive visor over a large, slightly tilted glass, darkened massive side lights, a simple relief with a stamping under the license plate that stands out against the background of everything else.

It all ends with a lean body kit of a complex shape, the lower part of which is a simple protective insert without slots for off-road devices and the completion of the exhaust system.


The interior of the new 2021 Toyota 4Runner is pretty cozy, albeit somewhat archaic. Only high-quality plastics, fabrics and leather are used in the decoration, and the multimedia system is traditionally replenished with new options designed to make every trip more comfortable and enjoyable.

Toyota 4Runner 2021.

Front end decoration

The center console of the car looks strict and rather massive thanks to large deflectors and a multimedia system display located in the middle, surrounded by auxiliary buttons.

Below is a massive side of climate control, and then — sockets for connecting external sources of information to the car and wireless charging of the phone.

Further, there is not the highest, but a wide tunnel, which begins with cup holders, goes into a nice technical panel with a transmission selector at the head, and ends with a weighty armrest, where inside you can find another compartment for small things.

Of course, the steering wheel with four spokes converging in pairs at right angles deserves attention, on which you can find a large number of controls for the main functions, as well as a very informative and well-readable dashboard in any light.

Seats and trunk

The cabin, depending on the version of the car, can accommodate from five to seven people. Everyone will sit on a comfortable, soft seat that can be adjusted to suit themselves: the front ones are electrically adjustable, the rear ones are mechanically adjusted.

There will also be heating, side support for the front row and a chic folding table, as well as organizers for the second. The seats of the third row are a little simpler, but there will be enough space for two adults.

As for the trunk, it is simply huge: more than 2,500 liters with the second and third rows folded down is an excellent indicator for any mid-size SUV!

Toyota 4Runner 2021.


The heart of the 2021 Toyota 4Runner will be an uncontested 270 horsepower four-liter engine. It will be paired with a five-speed automatic, which will transmit torque either to the rear or to all wheels at once, depending on the model modification.

As the test drive showed, the car will be quite slow and gluttonous due to its heavy weight and relatively weak engine, however, it is almost ideal for off-road driving and transportation of a large amount of cargo.

Options and prices

The price of the simplest version of the Toyota Runner 4 2021 will cross the $ 37,000 mark. The coolest configurations will cost nearly 44,000 US dollars.

Competing models

Among the main rivals of the novelty, auto experts call Mitsubishi Pajero Sport, Hyundai Santa Fe, Jeep Wrangler, Honda Passport, and Nissan Ixterra.

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