Toyota Yaris Cross 2021.

Toyota Yaris Cross 2021.

Toyota Yaris Cross 2021.

Direct competitors of the new mini-crossover Toyota Yaris Cross in 2021 are Nissan Juke, Ford Puma, Honda HR-V and Renault Captur, so the designers had to attend to increasing the body of the base hatchback, while trying not to overdo it, so as not to enter the domain of their own SUV. Toyota C-HR.

Compact crossover review

The win-win idea of ​​creating mini-crossovers based on popular hatchbacks has been adopted by many automakers, but if most of them continue to follow the proven formula:

an increase in ground clearance plus a plastic protective body kit for the lower part of the body; then Toyota took this issue much more seriously when creating the 2021 Yaris Cross.

Toyota Yaris Cross 2021.

While transforming their Yaris into a subcompact crossover, the Japanese have not forgotten about adding real 4WD to the options list!

And bearing in mind their status as a high-tech automotive company, they also became one of the few who made the 2020-2021 Toyota Yaris Cross all-wheel drive cross-hatchback hybrid.

The «golden mean» was found: the wheelbase remained unchanged (2560 mm.), While the body became noticeably longer (+240 mm.) And wider (+20 mm.) The height, taking into account the additional 30 mm. ground clearance (total — 170 mm.) increased by 120 mm., as a result of which the 2021 Toyota Yaris Cross remained in its subcompact niche, having received the full status of a five-seat SUV.

Toyota Yaris Cross 2021.

New body

The exterior of the Yaris Cross crossover turned out to be very successful, although it was made according to well-known «class» patterns, including those taken from related models of the brand.

The body of the mini-SUV received a two-tone paint job, wide plastic protective moldings for wheel arches and sills, high-set optics and a nice design of bumpers.

In parallel with this, the developers did not forget about the proprietary tuning kits, many of which were ready right for the spring premiere of the Japanese cross-hatch.

All of them helped to make the car look more sporty, and the really hot Yaris Cross was prepared by the specialists of the Toyota Gazoo Racing division, who, together with the uprated engine, offered a lot of interesting options, like rally red mudguards.

Toyota Yaris Cross 2021.


The front panel of the SUV has minor modifications regarding the design of the base hatchback, since the designers paid the main attention to the capacity of the luggage compartment.

For him, on the five-seater Toyota Yaris Cross 2021 crossover, they managed to find as much as 390 liters, and this is not taking into account the folding backs of the second row seats.

Specifications and filling

In the domestic market, Toyota equips Yaris Cross with two types of engines:

Atmospheric «troika» volume of 1.5 liters, with a capacity of 120 liters. from. (145 Nm). This motor is paired with a variator, and as an option, costing $ 2,200, a rear axle clutch, which makes the crossover all-wheel drive.

A hybrid engine — the same three-cylinder aspirated and an electric motor. Taking into account the deformation of the gas engine up to 91 liters. from. and an 80-horsepower electric unit, the total power of the hybrid was 116 liters. from.

This modification remains front-wheel drive, but an option called the E-Four gives the rear axle a small 5.3-horsepower electric motor that will help the car get under way and move at low speeds.

Also, the equipment of the Japanese mini-crossover is expected to include the most advanced «helpers», including adaptive cruise control and an innovative stabilization system, which, for example, is able to compensate for crosswind loads.

When will prices in Russia be released?

In Europe, the assembly of the 2021 Yaris Cross SUVs will be carried out by the Toyota plant in Valenciennes, France, which will release the first production copies next spring.

This means that if the model gets to Russia, it will not happen until the summer-autumn of 2021. In Japan, the new model is already in full production, and the first buyers will be able to pick up their cars in the next month or two.

The cheapest front-wheel drive petrol modification of the crossover from Japanese dealers costs $ 17 thousand (1,300,000 rubles), the hybrid one costs at least $ 21.6 thousand (1,550,000 rubles).

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