Toyota Tundra 2022.

Toyota Tundra 2022.

Toyota Tundra 2022.

In May this year, a teaser campaign for the 2022 Toyota Tundra kicked off, gradually revealing the details of the upcoming new pickup truck.

But, most likely, the marketing strategy failed, as there was a leak of information.

Otherwise, nothing can explain the fact that the manufacturer was forced to post on his Twitter page new images of the SUV with a signature of unambiguous content: «someone does not know how to keep secrets.»

At the same time, the published photos clearly show that we are talking about a TRD Pro modification, which is confirmed by the nameplates on the hood and a more aggressive body kit.

The exterior of the pickup is so far the only thing that can be learned about the new body of the 2022 Toyota Tundra.

But the fact that the changes should turn out to be global, including in «technology», is beyond doubt, since Toyota is creating a completely new Tundra for the first time in 15 years.

One should also take into account the use of the TNGA-F platform as in the new Toyota Land Cruiser 300, the introduction of which is a step towards the subsequent electrification of the model and already now allows the installation of hybrid transmissions.

Toyota Tundra 2022.

This also fits well with the almost confirmed information about the resignation of the atmospheric G8s.


The novelty has received a more impressive front end with expressive lighting elements.

Together with the strips of running lights installed in the grille, three amber light sources are also distinguishable — according to American laws, mandatory elements for cars over 80 inches (2032 mm) wide.

Unfortunately, the black mesh does not give an idea of ​​what the «civilian» Tundra will look like, which should rely on the chrome trim.

How much it will transform the front of the car, taking into account the new Y-shaped optics — you will be able to find out at the official show of the new item.

Toyota Tundra 2022.


The closest rivals to the Japanese — the Ram 1500 and the Ford F-150 — boast solid 12-inch touchscreen displays for their infotainment systems, and it looks like this is already becoming standard on large pickups.

Toyota engineers did not hesitate to tease the public with a photograph showing the top edge of a large, horizontally positioned touchscreen in the center of the front console.

Interestingly, it is on the same level as the “tidy” visor, which really promises an impressive display size. Its exact size is still unknown, but the device will definitely get Apple CarPlay support.

Toyota Tundra 2022.

Specifications and filling

All the way to the fact that the new Toyota Tundra 2022 model year will be a 3.5-liter V6 engine with twin turbocharging.

The same power plant is installed on the 300th Land Cruiser, where it produces 415 hp. from. power (650 Nm).

For comparison, the current version of the pickup is available with a V8 engine with a displacement of 5.7 liters and 381 liters. from. and 544 Nm.

The Japanese reported that the new base engine will be more powerful than the previous one, but so far they have not said anything about possible hybrids.

Toyota Tundra 2022.

TRD version

The TRD Pro is off-road oriented, so the existing photos show the familiar all-terrain tires with black 18-inch wheels.

A special body kit is a mandatory attribute for this version, but the main changes, as usual, await the owner of the pickup in the suspension. As a rule, for TRD it gets special settings and reinforced springs.

Toyota Tundra: will it be released in Russia?

The official date of the presentation of the Toyota Tundra pickup 2022 model year has not yet been approved, but the frequency of the release of teasers speaks of a few months.

Deliveries of such machines to Russia will be possible, but, as before, by the forces of «gray» dealers.

The current version of the SUV is still available for order: the current price is 5.1 million rubles. for the all-wheel drive pickup in the 381-horsepower version of the V8 i-Force DOHC VVT-i.

Options and prices

Prices and equipment for the new model of the full-size Toyota Tundra pickup will be announced after the official debut.

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