Toyota Prado 2021.

Toyota Prado 2021.

Toyota Prado 2021.

Toyota Prado 2021 model year will retain the same platform, chassis architecture and even the engine line, but, as usual when carrying out facelift restyling, it will change externally.

The Japanese have long accustomed us to their experiments leading to reworking the shape of the front and rear optics, grille and bumpers, but globally the design of the Land Cruiser family seems to remain intact.

On the page, the first details about the new body of the Toyota Prado 2021 model year, possible configurations and prices, photos, motors, specifications and video test drive.

What is known about the new body?

Toyota Prado 2021.

The last global restyling of the current generation Prado dates back to 2013 (another, lightweight, was carried out in 2017), but the Japanese SUV for many motorists continues to be an example of the ideal combination of external aesthetics, internal comfort and impressive driving performance of a midsize SUV.

Belonging to the famous Land Cruiser family, this car is very popular in Russia and the Middle East, where they are always eagerly awaiting any updates and traditionally welcome any new solutions from Japanese engineers very warmly, keeping in mind their commitment to the still not out of fashion automobile » classicism «.

And again, the 2021 Toyota Prado will remain basically a frame SUV, which uses a huge number of nodes, mechanisms and parts taken from adjacent models.

Toyota Prado 2021.


High ground clearance, muscular sides, an abundance of chrome in the front and stern trim, large wheel arches — Toyota Prado 2021 will retain a brutal, but at the same time very elegant image.

The possibilities for customizing the design will also remain available, since the manufacturer plans to keep the huge selection of equipment packages that dealers offer today.

Most likely, in the new list it will be possible to find the very popular TRD tuning series today with original details in the exterior and interior of the SUV.

Toyota Prado 2021.


It also comes with a variety of customization packages to help you uniquely customize the classic interior design of the new 2021 Toyota Prado.

At the same time, the basic concept will not change: the central tunnel will rest against a strictly vertical panel, which will be crowned from above by the display of the media system with two horizontal air ducts located above it.

On the sides of the screen, the controls for the complex will be located — in the form of ordinary buttons and relays in budget modifications and touch controls in the most expensive ones.

The dashboard will pre-retain the appearance of an analog, but it can get an enlarged display of the on-board computer.

Finishing — fabric, leather, a combination of materials, exclusive «chips» in the form of contrasting stitches or embossing — all this can be obtained as an option, moreover from
Toyota should always wait for unexpected special versions, which this time may be timed to coincide with the long-awaited release of the updated Toyota Prado 2021 model year.

Toyota Prado 2021.

Technical stuffing

The model has not changed its motor range for a long time, and there is no reason to believe that the established order of things will be violated.

The 2021 Toyota Prado will continue to feature familiar engines:

2.7 (2TR-FE), gasoline, 163 HP from.;
2.8 (1GD-FTV), diesel, 177 hp from.;
3.0 (1KD-FTV), diesel, 173 hp from.;
4.0 (1GR-FE), gasoline, 249 HP from.

The previous transmissions, mechanical and automatic, will also remain in service, and especially for the Russian market, the company will retain access to a special «winter package» of equipment, which will include heating systems:

steering wheel,
windshield (and separately — washer nozzles),
side mirrors,
all seats,
engine and passenger compartment (for diesel modifications).

When will it be released in Russia?

The new Land Cruiser Prado should appear towards the end of 2020 simultaneously in all priority markets for this model, including the Russian one.

It should be expected that the new body will rise in price, albeit slightly, since the new generation will not offer revolutionary changes in design or technical equipment.

So far, the following price “fork” remains on the Prado: from 2.5 million rubles. for the version with a 2.7-liter gasoline engine, five-speed «mechanics» and the basic equipment package «Classic» — up to 4.4 million for a seven-seater body, a 4.0-liter engine, 6-speed automatic transmission and the «Lux Safety» package.

Options and prices

Prices and configurations for the new generation will be announced after the official debut of the model. Prices for the current generation:

Toyota Prado 2021

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