Voyah Passion 2024.

Voyah Passion 2024.

Voyah Passion 2024.

The Voyah Passion sedan has acquired a hybrid version.
Until recently, the Voyah Passion sedan was offered exclusively as an electric car, but now the long-promised hybrid has also appeared in the model’s range.

The latter is easy to recognize by the different design of the front part of the body — the car has a full-fledged radiator grille, and the bumper is different.

In turn, on the trunk lid you can see a longitudinal luminous “fin”, cutting the lifting spoiler into two halves.

Plus, the new product comes with 20-inch wheels of the original design.

The main feature of the hybrid Voyah Passion 2024 is its gasoline-electric power plant.

The sedan is powered by a 1.5-liter four-cylinder turbo engine. It is installed under the hood, so the four-door does not have a front trunk, like the electric versions.

Voyah Passion 2024.

The internal combustion engine here primarily plays the role of a generator that recharges the traction battery, but if necessary, it can be connected to the front wheels through a single-stage gearbox.

Most of the time, the car is driven by two electric motors.

The front of them produces 177, and the rear — 217 hp. The peak output of the installation is 530 forces and 790 Nm.

Voyah Passion 2024.

Thus, the hybrid version of the model is in fact the flagship of the line, since the top-end electric version has slightly lower performance — 510 horsepower and 730 Nm of torque.

However, the hybrid power plant does not produce its maximum in all modes. For example, when starting a car, only electric motors work.

When loaded, the Voyah Passion PHEV weighs 2,245 kg (-21 kg compared to the base electric car).

Voyah Passion 2024.

How long it takes the sedan to accelerate from zero to a hundred is not specified. But the maximum speed is known — 200 km/h, although pure «electric trains» will be faster — 205-210 km/h.

The hybrid relies on a traction battery with a capacity of 43 kWh (for electric versions it is 82 or 109 kWh).

Voyah Passion 2024.

Its full charge is enough for 262 km of range on electric power alone. But in hybrid mode, the range of the four-door reaches 1,227 km.

In China, sales of the hybrid Voyah Passion will begin at the end of September twenty-third.

The price tag for the model has not yet been announced. The new product should also be expected in Russia. We have already presented both electric versions and cost 8.5-9.8 million rubles.


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