Weimar M7 2022.

Weimar M7 2022.

Weimar M7 2022.

A few days ago, WM Motor released a series of official photos of its new Weimar M7 2022 sedan.

Compared to the M7 introduced last year, the three «bulges» on the top of the car’s body: camera and radar areas, have been corrected and integrated with the vehicle.

The new model will reportedly be unveiled at the WM Motor Technology Day show this May.

In terms of intelligent driving, the M7 is equipped with a total of 32 sensors, including 3 high-precision solid-state lidar with autonomous scaling and 7 8-megapixel high-definition cameras that can broadcast the surroundings in real time.

The 4 NVIDIA Orin-X chips provide 1016 TOPS of processing power, so autonomous driving can properly handle extreme scenarios.

In terms of design, the front of the new car uses the popular penetrating headlights, which are not just a light bar, but a glowing brand logo.

In addition, the engine compartment lid is made of black material, which also enhances the visual appeal.

The all-black front, middle and rear window pillars create the visual effect of a «soaring» roof.

Weimar M7 2022.

At the same time, the «standard» concealed door handles of pure electric cars are also an integral part of the design.

As for the tail end of the car, the use of through lights matches the front end, and the concave design widens the visual effect of the stern very well.

The interior is made in a simple technological style: the central console is equipped with an integrated dual screen, and the multifunction steering wheel is complemented by gearshift buttons and touchscreen controls.

On the technical side, according to previously announced, Weimar M7 will be equipped with Weimar Living Motion third-generation tri-power system, which can control the energy consumption per 100 kilometers within 14 kWh, and the full range, according to NEDC standard, can exceed 700 km.

Weimar M7 2022.

Today official photos of the updated technological sedan Weimar M7 2022 were published.

The manufacturer has worked on the roof of the car, integrating additional sensors. For reference, the model was introduced in 2021, but the company still decided to refine it.

The manufacturer has installed a new lidar RoboSense last generation M1 on the roof, which will expand the possibilities of autonomous driving.

The engineers also created streamlined bodies for all sensors on the roof.

This not only makes the appearance of the model more pleasant, but also greatly improves aerodynamic performance.

Weimar M7 2022.

For reference, there are more than 30 different systems integrated into this car, including many cameras, lidar, and NVIDIA Orin-X chips.

All this allows the car to make its own decisions even in emergency situations.

This model can be called the pinnacle of technology of the Chinese automobile industry.

The model is even in some respects better than the products of Tesla. By the way, the design of Weimar M7 in many ways similar to the cars of the American company.

Throughout the body, you can see the smooth lines that give the car an elegant look. At the front there are narrow headlights, from which the decorative inserts that go along the sides of the hood.

Below is the bumper, in the full width of which an air intake cutout is integrated.

Weimar M7 2022.

The profile draws attention with unusual rims, concealed door handles and black overlays on the sills.

The stern has a through light, which is interrupted at the edges by a stitching and continues already on the «sidewall».

The car has a futuristic interior, in which there are no usual buttons.

Even the steering wheel has sensor panels instead of keys. In the center there is a fingerprint sensor, which activates the engine.

The front console has a horizontally stretched display, the left side of which displays the dashboard data, and the right side is used to control the multimedia system.

By the way, there are also two additional entertainment screens for the rear passengers. These displays are installed on the headrests of the front seats.

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