The newest electronics and excellent equipment of the interior space of the cabin. This is what the new model Acura MDC 2019 boasts. But, once and for all to figure out whether to buy this car, photos and prices are not enough. Need to conduct a detailed analysis. Show all its advantages and disadvantages.

A complete set.


The basic equipment is called Standard, and it will cost 2 948 000 rubles. It includes the following functions:

AcuraWatch technology kit;

Collision Mitigation Braking System;

lane control system;

improved cruise control;

ergonomic leather seats that make the trip process safer and more comfortable;

new multimedia system;

the ability to securely exchange voice and text messages using the Siri program;

Improved performance of high beam headlamps that shine much brighter.


Another equipment that is worth considering is called Technology. It is a technically better equipped version and costs about 3,283,000 rubles. Technology may provide the following features:

luxurious interior, which boasts inserts of natural wood;

perforated leather seat trim;

Acura navigation system, equipped with an 8-inch screen;

Real-Time Traffic provides real-time traffic and route information, helping you choose the best and fastest route to your desired destination;

blind spot monitoring system warns the driver when other vehicles are approaching;

Modern audio system ELS Premium Audio.


In the presence of a equipment also available under the name A-Spec, which will cost the buyer 3 618 000 rubles. The choice of the modification offers the following options:

Jewel LED’s latest fog lights;

20-inch 5-spoke wheels;

soft and elegant Alcantara is used as a finishing material, which is pleasant to the touch;

for the convenience of the driver, the dashboard is highlighted in red;

exclusive steering wheel and sports pedals.


The following equipment is called Advance, and in it great importance is attached to comfort and luxury. It will cost the future owner 3,752,000 rubles and can demonstrate approximately the following features:

the seats are equipped with heating and ventilation functions;

function Surround-View Camera, equipped with four cameras, greatly facilitates the process of parking the driver;

the steering wheel has the option of heating.


First of all, you need to talk in detail about the transmission. Acura MDH 2019 in the new body has three types of transmission. One of these is the hybrid SH-AWD. In this case, the car is equipped with an engine capacity of 3.5 liters and a power of 290 horsepower. It is possible to work the engine at idle.

The next transmission type is designated SH-AWD. There is a 3.5 liter engine with a capacity of 290 horsepower. There is also a control system for valve timing, thereby increasing the efficiency of the engine. Due to the wealth of complete sets, the manufacturer was able to diversify the technical components and prices. In the photo, the car causes a feeling of confidence, and the drivers in their reviews describe the Acura positively.

There is another type of transmission, which is called all-wheel drive. It has similar indicators with the two previous types of transmission in terms of engine size and power, but it also has its own characteristics. For example, an electronic valve control system called VTEC. And towing capacity is 3,500 pounds. Such technical capabilities are a definite plus, which has been repeatedly noted in the feedback from the owners. Of the minuses motorists usually noted the limited supply model. But the manufacturer annually expands its range, which makes the model much better.


Engines have quite wide opportunities and are able to adapt to any road conditions and high-speed modes. If you need to accelerate, the engine will smoothly begin to adjust and gain momentum. In the case, if it is necessary on the contrary to go more quietly, the engine will start using only three cylinders, thereby saving fuel consumption.

With regard to safety issues, the designers have created a special design that minimizes the possible negative consequences in a collision with another vehicle. As a result, the possible impact energy will be distributed over the front of the car evenly. In addition, some of the impact energy will simply be absorbed due to the shape of the body.

Regardless of the quality of the road surface, the car will have a good grip, and this will help him stabilization system. As required, the work of the brakes and the engine will adapt to the appropriate situation, eliminating the possibility of losing traction.


The design of the car is always made up of little things. In this case, if you add up all the little things, you get quite a stylish model. Jewel Eye LED lights are immediately highlighted. They work much longer than any other headlights. They shine much farther and brighter.

A distinctive feature of the exterior is the grille. The car looks more confident and peaceful. In addition, the grille emphasizes the premium status of the machine.

Rear car decorated with dual exhaust pipes. They fit harmoniously into the body shape. Emphasize the sporty look of the car.

Also worth noting alloy wheels size of 20 inches. Underline the premium status of the car, ideally fitting into the shape of the body.


Speaking about the interior of the new Acura MDX 2019, it is worth mentioning the magnificent leather seats. They even look premium on the photo. As already mentioned, the chairs have the functions of heating and ventilation. And no matter what it is car equipment.

However, there is another pleasant surprise. There are also several modes of these same functions. The driver can independently adjust all the necessary parameters for himself, of course, the final prices increase.

The chairs themselves are very comfortable and comfortable to sit in. It is also worth noting that in the car there is a third row of seats. There is not much space there. But it is enough for passengers to feel comfortable during the trip.

We should also praise the excellent work of the navigation system. First of all, the driver is interested in making his route as efficiently as possible. Therefore avoid traffic jams and other obstacles. In this regard, the system will certainly help the driver using the Real-Time Traffic program.


Mercedes-Benz GLK-Class,
Infiniti JX,
Volvo XC60,
Land Rover Discovery Sport,
Cadillac XT5
Subaru Tribeca.

The Acura MDH 2019 is a great premium car and you should definitely take it into account. In addition to impeccable appearance and exclusive inserts, the model boasts excellent technical characteristics and modern electronics, which greatly simplifies and improves the process of the trip. Both the driver and passengers will definitely be satisfied after a trip on this car. The advantage can also be called a large number of complete sets for every taste. Now the driver can choose the modification he likes based on personal preferences.

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