BMW Alpina B5 GT 2023.

BMW Alpina B5 GT 2023.

BMW Alpina B5 GT 2023.

BMW Alpina B5 GT 2023 sedan and wagon introduced: the evolution of the B5 S.

In January twenty-third, Alpina declassified a new model — BMW Alpina B5 GT.

In fact, we have before us a replacement for the existing Alpina B5 S, based on the BMW M550i.

The GT modification is available both as a sedan and station wagon. She doesn’t have many unique features.

In particular, the seats of such a car can be trimmed with either expensive nappa leather or Merino.

Alpina B5 GT: The most powerful model of the German brand, but no more powerful than the top-end BMW M5.

Legendary Bavarian BMW tuning company Alpina has unveiled a limited-edition B5 GT sedan and station wagon with the most powerful petrol engine in its history, producing 634 hp.

Against the backdrop of endless premieres of supercars, the power of 634 hp. in the Alpina B5 GT is not particularly impressive, especially since ManhartPerformance fires up the current F90-generation BMW M5 to 815 hp.

Unfortunately or fortunately, but after last year’s news that the Bovensiepen brothers, the owners of Alpina, are selling the Alpina business and name to BMW, the tuning studio is forced to respectfully treat colleagues from BMW M GmbH and try not to strain them with internal corporate competition.

BMW Alpina B5 GT 2023.

And although the deal between Alpina and BMW will not be closed until 2025, the development team from Buchloe is already adapting to life inside a large company and is trying to breed its lineup with the BMW lineup.

The first example of a new, “tolerant” approach in business was the Alpina B4 Gran Coupe liftback, but then everything went in much the same way: Alpina cars are not competitors to the factory “emkas”, but an alternative.

So the Alpina B5 GT is not a kind of BMW M5, but, let’s say, a more measured, touring version of the original «five», but with a noticeable technical and stylistic upgrade in the best traditions of Alpina.

BMW Alpina B5 GT 2023.

The Alpina B5 GT’s 4.4-litre V8 biturbo engine has been boosted to 634 hp. and 850 Nm, while on the most powerful stock BMW M5 CS it produces 635 hp. and 750 Nm.

In terms of power, almost parity comes out, in terms of torque, Alpina has an “extra” 100 Nm, but lags behind the BMW M5 CS in terms of acceleration dynamics.

The BMW M5 CS is gaining the first “hundred” in 3 s, the Alpina B5 GT sedan in 3.4 s, the station wagon in 3.6 s, all cars have full drive.

BMW Alpina B5 GT 2023.

The maximum speed for the Alpina B5 GT sedan is 330 km/h, for the wagon it is 322 km/h, while in the BMW M5 CS the limiter is activated at 305 km/h.

In the Alpina B5 GT, the V8 engine has a modified intake system, adjusted boost pressure, a new control program and a sports exhaust system with a special, wheezy sound.

The settings of the 8-speed «automatic» ZF are also adjusted. In front of the body, additional amplifiers are installed that increase the rigidity of the body.

Alpina’s signature 20-inch turbocharged forged wheels hide mighty Brembo brakes: 395mm front and 398mm rear.

BMW Alpina B5 GT 2023.

The salon, as usual, is completely altered and trimmed with new materials, the BMW emblems are replaced by Alpina emblems, the graphics of the instrument panel are updated.

Instead of the standard front seats, you can order sports ones with advanced lateral support and integral head restraints.

The circulation of the Alpina B5 GT will be 250 copies, the sedan costs in Germany from 145,500 euros, the station wagon — from 148,500 euros, deliveries will begin in July.

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