BMW M3 CS 2024.

BMW M3 CS 2024.

BMW M3 CS 2024.

The extreme sedan BMW M3 CS is presented.

Last year’s BMW M4 CSL coupe turned out to be really extreme: minus 100 kg of curb weight, two-seater interior, forced engine, rear drive.

However, the new BMW M3 CS sedan is built according to another, less radical recipe.

It has kept full-fledged four-seater saloon and is still suitable for daily use. Although it has become more capable on the racetrack.

The all-wheel drive sedan BMW M3 Competition xDrive with an eight-speed «automatic» and an active rear M-differential is taken as the basis.

The drifting mode is preserved, in which the front drive is forcibly switched off together with the stabilization system.

The 3.0 twin-turbocharged engine is the same as in the M4 CSL.

A new forged crankshaft, a different control unit and increased boost pressure (from 1.7 to 2.1 bar) allowed to increase power from 510 to 550 hp, although the torque has not changed (650 Nm). Stiffer engine mounts have been added.

BMW M3 CS 2024.

The fight against excess weight turned out to be quite moderate. For example, the front seats though are made of carbon fiber, but have a full set of electric adjustments and heating.

There is no speech about simplification of noise isolation. But the range of carbon fiber plastic parts is expanded: the roof, hood, mirror housings and air intakes, spoiler, diffuser and splitter, as well as the hood of the central tunnel are made from this material.

A titanium exhaust system is installed. As a result, the sedan has lost only 20 kg: curb weight is 1765 kg.

BMW M3 CS 2024.

The suspension has new springs, adaptive shock absorbers and stabilizers, designed for track events.

The steering mechanism is adjusted, forged wheels and track tires are installed, although you can order road tires at no extra charge.

But if the BMW M4 CSL coupe has carbon-ceramic brakes as standard, this is an option for the M3 CS sedan.

The basic brakes have composite discs. A developed aluminum booster under the hood of the four-door is also available only at extra charge.

As a result, BMW M3 CS can accelerate to 100 km/h in 3.4 seconds against 3.5 seconds in the original all-wheel-drive sedan and 3.7 seconds in the rear-drive coupe M4 CSL.

BMW M3 CS 2024.

But two-door with two driving wheels wins in acceleration up to 200 km/h: 10.7 seconds vs. 11.1 seconds for M3 CS.

The speed limiter has been removed, therefore the maximum speed is 302 km/h instead of 290 km/h in «usual» BMW M3, though the coupe M4 CSL will go even faster (307 km/h).

The main external differences of the CS version from the standard «Emka» are the new «nostrils» with red trim and bright yellow running lights.

The front panel has two united screens without visors — as in all restyled «three» cars.

BMW M3 CS 2024.

The interior is extensively sprinkled with carbon fiber décor, the steering wheel — with suede trim rim and zero markings.

Production of sedans BMW M3 CS will start in March, circulation is not formally limited (in contrast to the coupe M4 CSL), but such cars will be produced in small quantities.

The price is 146 thousand euros that is almost by 46 thousand more than the initial all-wheel drive sedan M3. However, the BMW M4 CSL is even more expensive — at least 165 thousand euros.


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