BMW i9

BMW i9

BMW i9

What will be the new BMW i9 car — a review.
In the line of electric hybrids of the well-known automaker, another new product is being prepared — the BMW i9.


It is well known that BMW has registered under the brand name a range of items for the i-series of cars, but so far the i3 and i8 are on sale, according to persistent rumors, the i5 is being developed. But, it turned out that another futuristic car was being prepared for the series — the BMW i9 electric car.
It would seem difficult to surpass the incredible i8, but, again, according to rumors, the novelty will surpass it in everything.

It will have many latest technologies that will increase efficiency and productivity.

The BMW i9 Hybrid will feature low CO2 emissions.
No wonder the leaders of the concern talked about i3 and i8, as well as i5 as the beginning of the hybrid era. And about the BMW i9 we can say that this will be an option that does not look like just an i8. The car will be larger, more powerful, more attractive, with four doors and seats.

Of course, the weight distribution will be the same as that of the prototype i8 — 50×50. The weight of the car, thanks to the use of carbon fiber with aluminum, will be about 3300 feet, even though the internal combustion engine and electric motor will be large.

BMW i9


The Bavarian car manufacturer, while continuing to expand the lineup, will delight the new BMW i9 model. Although reliable data on the car are not available, something is known about it.

Surely the new model that BMW is preparing to release will be a dream for motorists, as the exterior, interior, and functions will be further developed in comparison with its predecessor.

Undoubtedly, the company will surprise with a more original than the predecessor i8, hybrid form and original design. It is believed that the release of new items will be limited.
Designers Mario Majdancic with Richardoi Kim and Benoit Jacob, as you might guess, will not drop the high bar of the magnificent i8.

According to available information, it will be a four-door coupe, made on the platform of its predecessor i8. But materials for the sports sedan will be used light and modern. For the body, it will mainly be lightweight steel with carbon fiber.

On the technical side, it will be a more aggressive car compared to the i8 coupe. Also known about the new front panel grille.
The main technical parameters of i8 will remain, but there will be changes.
The developer announced the total power of the BMW AI9362 horsepower and the highest torque of up to 570 Nm.
The plug-in hybrid system, which allows you to charge batteries from a household outlet, will be responsible for the movement of i9.

BMW i9


It will have a lot of skin. Compared to the previous I8, it will become more comfortable. It is known that the hybrid will be equipped with many entertainment programs, as well as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Free charging will also be included, which will make using the car more comfortable.
BMW i9 will definitely be a four-seater, and its approximate length will reach 5.3 meters.

BMW i9


It can be called refined. For the manufacture of the aerodynamic body, the BMW i9 uses lightweight and durable carbon fiber and aluminum, which will reduce the weight of the car and increase its reliability, make handling better and save fuel.
The main difference between the car will be a sporty silhouette.


It is expected that the engine power of the BMW i9 will exceed 231 hp, and the electric motor — 131 hp.
The ideal axle weight distribution should not suffer.
The BMW AY9 hybrid supercar, as one of the power plants, will be able to have a three-liter gasoline internal combustion engine under the hood, which will provide 163 horsepower, the second — an electric motor that is more powerful.

Perhaps the doors of the BMW i9, like the i8, will open up.
Instead of a 1.5 liter internal combustion engine, the most likely unit in the BMW i9 will be a more serious unit.

Under the hood may be a 3-liter «six», developed for the new generation BMW 7-Series.

BMW i9


For new items, they will be improved:
acceleration to hundreds — 4.4 sec;
the highest speed — 250 km / h;
transmission — gearbox 6-speed second generation;
total power — 362 hp
maximum torque — 570Nm.

BMW i9

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