BMW X6 2022.

BMW X6 2022.

BMW X6 2022.

BMW X6 2022: a brutal crossover with solid performance potential.

Bavarian automobile concern tries to keep up with the times by timely restyling its most popular models.

Not so long ago it was time to update the company’s flagship crossover coupe. The BMW X6 2022 is a stylish SUV that kept its premium status.

Exterior of the new model remains quite recognizable, while changes mostly concerned with technical points, as well as elements of comfort.

In general, the «six» X-series will stand out in the stream of increased dimensions, bright design moves and brutal versatility.

Exterior BMW X6 2022.

Even from the photo you can find that the «exterior» of the cross-coupe, dynamic and stylish, will be its strong point.

In this case, the brutality is perfectly combined in it with aggressiveness, pleasing fans of the brand with an abundance of relief, as well as updated lighting and air intake elements.

The brightest looks the front part of the new body. It begins with a large panoramic windshield, limited by powerful struts and passing in the lower part of the sports longitudinal transitions of a large hood.

Immediately under the lid begins the signature «nostrils» of the radiator grille, equipped with illumination, located near the stylish vertical lamellae.

BMW X6 2022.

To the right and left are adjoined by narrow wedge-shaped headlights in chrome framing and with quality LED stuffing.

Down below, the car is decorated bright volumetric dodger with scalloped stepped transitions, a large slit air intake and sporty-looking side diffusers.

They are equipped with branded fog lights. All this is complemented by a large amount of chrome and all sorts of chisels.

The profile of the BMW X6 2022 has retained its elegance and at the same time — expressiveness.

Here attract attention smoothly falling to the back of the roof line, emphasized by enlarged three-sectional window line with wide black-glossy uprights.

Immediately beneath all this begins a predominantly smooth relief, in which oval mirrors with integrated turn signals and elegant door handles are integrated.

Special mention should be made of the branded 18-diameter five-beam wheels.

BMW X6 2022.

The car’s stern exhibits typical cross-coupe details, starting already with the thin visor over the heavily tilted oval glass.

Then there is a steep lid of the luggage compartment with transitions in height, a large brand emblem and chrome badges.

The design of this part of the vehicle is completed by a protective package, which has a place for fog lights, as well as a diffuser with two notches for the exhaust pipes.

In general, off-road look of the crossover is emphasized by a fairly high ground clearance, small overhangs and huge wheel arches.

Interior BMW X6 2022.

The interior design of the new BMW X6 2022 model year is distinguished by the severity and functionality.

It is finished only with the best materials, among which it is worth noting two types of excellent plastic, natural leather, as well as inserts made of wood and aluminum.

Even in the basic versions of the car has excellent electronic and entertainment equipment, as well as very comfortable seating.

BMW X6 2022.

Controls and controls

Immediately behind the branded three-spoke steering wheel with a plump rim and an abundance of auxiliary switches is located somewhat deepened in the torpedo digital dashboard, the right of which is closely adorned horizontal screen touchscreen multimedia system.

Below there is a number of deflectors and physical buttons, and immediately below them — the console of climate control settings.

Wide, but low central tunnel with soft chrome finishing boasts a small technical sector with an elegant selector of transmission, as well as a washer selecting driving modes.

This then all goes into a set of organizers, as well as a floppy, swing-out armrest with a built-in cooler.

BMW X6 2022.

Seating and trunk

According to the passport the automobile is five-seater, however, as it has been established during test drive, it will be most comfortable for four drivers.

Armchairs of the front row are distinguished by the developed lateral support, solid body of electric settings, have heating and even ventilation.

Rear sofa is very comfortable and, besides reclining back and folding armrest, contains many comfortable «plushkas» like individual ventilating deflectors for each passenger.

In the case of the need to transport bulky loads, the useful volume of the trunk can easily increase from 590 to 1500 liters due to the simple folding of the rear row.


For the BMW X6 2022, engineers have provided for a body «growth» up to 4.94 meters in length, 2.02 meters in width and 1.65 meters in height.

With a lever option of suspension clearance will be an impressive 21 centimeters, if the question is about «pneumatic», then this figure will range from 17.6 to 25.5 centimeters.

Among other interesting under-hood characteristics of the third-generation cross-coupe are the modified CLAR platform, electromechanical power steering, as well as the full drive system with «able» to steer the rear wheels.

As for the engine range Bavarians are ready to offer a number of gasoline and diesel power units with volume from 3 to 4,4 liters and efficiency from 248 to 625 «horses». Each engine is paired with a branded eight-speed automatic transmission.

Due to the above parameters the car can easily and quickly gain speed and cope with most varied road conditions.

Features and prices

The car will be supplied to the market in eight packages. Its starting price will be 6.8 million rubles. The price of the most expensive copies will cross the mark of 13.4 million units of domestic currency.

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