BYD Dolphin 2023.

BYD Dolphin 2023.

BYD Dolphin 2023.

The super-popular BYD Dolphin 2023 has been updated and is already on sale. Its price is only 1.16 million rubles.

An updated version of BYD’s most successful car, the Dolphin, has gone on sale.

Available in three options electric hatchback BYD Dolphin 2023 appeared at dealers.

The cost of a compact car in China ranges from 1.16 to 1.36 million in rubles at the current exchange rate.

With the modernization, adjustments have been made to the exterior and equipment of the car.

The equipment now claims an all-around vision system and other options. Depending on the version, the hatchback has a range of 401 or 420 km.

The power plant from the Cavalier series has a maximum power of 231 hp and torque of 290 N*m.

The exterior design still features a nautical aesthetic, but the exterior details have been optimized.

In the palette of colors there are four monochrome solutions and three bicolor body colors.

At the same time, there are two new shades — purple, which symbolizes the beauty of dolphins, and yellow, giving a feeling of warmth and softness.

BYD Dolphin 2023.

The Bebe Grey/Puff Pink, Bebe Grey/Surf Blue and Terran Black/Atlantis Grey make the top version more sporty.

The model’s equipment has become more advanced. It received an all-around view camera, upgraded tire pressure control system, rear window wipers, electric driver’s seat adjustment in 6 directions.

BYD Dolphin 2023.

The more expensive versions are equipped with a rear armrest, electrically heated passenger seat, protection against window jamming and so on.

The exterior mirrors are now electrically adjustable and foldable.

BYD Dolphin 2023.

In addition, Dolphin got a mode «Comfort», which offers a balance between economy and power.

The range of installations declared two synchronous engines with permanent magnets — output of 95 and 177 hp, with torque of 180 and 290 N*m, respectively.

BYD Dolphin 2023.

Battery capacity is 44.9 kWh. Note that this is the first model, which is based on an electronic platform BYD e 3.0.

The novelty models in the Ocean range are such cars as Seal, Destroyer 05 and Frigate 07.

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