Changan Uni-V 2022.

Changan Uni-V 2022.

Changan Uni-V 2022.

Goodbye, Toyota Camry. The best Japanese «killer» and almost without flaws is on its way: the Changan Uni-V.

The Chinese car industry continues its active development, despite all the difficulties faced by automakers all over the world.

Companies from Celestial Empire bring to the market more and more new models, thus creating competition to recognized brands.

One of the novelties, which recently went on sale in China, is a liftback Changan Uni-V.

This model is radically different from those cars, which were previously produced by the developer.

Most experts tend to call Changan Uni-V one of the main competitors to the market leader in this segment — Toyota Camry business sedan.

Moreover, if you analyze all the characteristics and performance of the «Chinese», it surpasses its Japanese competitor in a number of parameters.

It allows the manufacturer to count on serious prospects of the liftback both in the domestic market, and in case of start of its sales outside of China.

The Changan Uni-V is now equipped with a turbocharged engine, the output of which reaches 188 horsepower.

Changan Uni-V 2022.

In addition, in the next few months is expected to debut top-end modification, under the hood of which will be installed unit for 2 liters.

Given the fact that the Changan Uni-V in the near future may begin selling in Russia, many motorists are already seriously interested in liftback.

Thanks to the reviews that some Chinese owners of the car leave on the Web, you can make conclusions about its greatest strengths, as well as disadvantages.


The first plus of the liftback is its bright, memorable appearance. The front of the car stands out due to the frameless radiator grille, merged into one with the bumper and stylish headlights.

Changan Uni-V 2022.

Also the owners of Uni-V note the excellent maneuverability of their car, as well as perfectly tuned suspension, which makes the car comfortable for both the driver and passengers.

Due to the excellent tuning of the joint work of transmission and motor liftback demonstrates decent dynamics, as well as the ability to smoothly and quickly shift gear without any kicks and jolts.

In addition, the novelty has a comfortable and roomy interior, trimmed with quality materials.

And in terms of built-in features and services, the car can be called one of the leaders of the world market.

Naturally, the price/quality ratio is also one of the main pluses, which the owners of the Chinese model say.

Changan Uni-V 2022.


Along with the many described advantages, motorists note the disadvantages of the car.

The main disadvantage of the liftback is the fact that it barely had time to debut on the market.

Many motorists are cautious about the new model and are not yet fully confident in it, even if it does not allow you to doubt its abilities.

The next drawback is the complete lack of ability to drive in conditions of even light off-roading. The car has neither a four-wheel drive system, nor sufficient ground clearance for this.

Changan Uni-V 2022.

Some owners of Changan Uni-V are faced with the fact that the fuel consumption stated by the manufacturer at the level of 7.6 liters per «hundredth» is not too consistent with reality.

Probably the situation will be corrected after the running-in period, but at the moment it is exactly the same.

As a whole, both its owners and experts estimate a new Chinese model rather high.

From the liftback expect stable sales and the ability to compete with most of the classmates produced by more famous brands.

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