Chery Arrizo 8 2022.

Chery Arrizo 8 2022.

Chery Arrizo 8 2022.

Chery has shown official images of the new Arrizo 8 sedan.

The new sedan SUV-D segment should debut in the next few months.

Chery is preparing to debut the new Arrizo 8 sedan. Its photos have already been officially shown.

Recall that two weeks ago the sedan was noticed during tests.

And Chery decided not to delay and declassified the appearance.

It is already known that the model will be a competitor for the Kia K5, as well as the Japanese Toyota Camry and Nissan Altima.

The length of the car will be 4.8 m, but the wheelbase has not yet been named. Despite the fact that the Arrizo 8 is a sedan.

It has similarities with crossovers of the brand. They are shown in the headlights, design of the taillights.

Interestingly, buyers will be able to choose from two different designs of exhaust tips.

The cabin of the vehicle will have two screens — one is responsible for the head unit, and the second for the instrument panel.

Diagonal of each is 12.3 inches. Also note the presence of a projection display, which distinguishes the novelty from competitors.

Chery Arrizo 8 2022.

For trim used rich materials, and the front seats can be adjusted using the remote control.

There is also a system that monitors driver fatigue.

But the technical parameters are still kept in secret, but preliminary data is called by the media.

This is two turbo engines with a volume of 1.6 and 2.0 liters, which are used by the company Exeed in its crossovers.

We should note that Chery Arrizo 8 wanted to introduce at the auto show in Beijing, but the debut was postponed due to the cancellation of the event.

Arrizo 8 will debut before the end of the year.
Chery has shared photos of the new Arrizo 8 sedan, which will become the brand’s flagship and will compete with Toyota Camry.

Chery Arrizo 8 2022.

The novelty is considered to be the first four-door produced as part of Chery 4.0 technology program.

The model was supposed to be premiered at the Beijing Motor Show, but due to the new outbreak of coronavirus, it is likely to take place in an online format.

Last year Chery announced the launch of the «global power architecture» version 4.0.

This technological program involves the creation of new fuel, hybrid, electric and hydrogen units, which will be more efficient and economical than their predecessors.

Thus, the thermal efficiency of internal combustion engines will reach 45 percent, and fuel consumption for hybrids will decrease by 95 percent.

Chery Arrizo 8 2022.

The company has already shown the Exeed LX crossover with the ET-i system using an internal combustion engine and two electric motors.

And now the first sedan of the Chery Power 4.0 era, the Arrizo 8, has been unveiled.

Four-door should become the flagship of the brand and compete with the Toyota Camry and Kia K5.

However, official information about the novelty is still scarce, but the car can be considered in detail on the renders.

Arrizo 8 sedan will get spindle-shaped grille in Lexus style and original lighting equipment.

The equipment will include ten airbags, projection display, two 12.3-inch screens each and electric seats with control buttons on the doors, like in Mercedes.

Chery Arrizo 8 2022.

The camera eye on the left pillar is a facial recognition and driver fatigue monitoring system.

According to preliminary data, the Arrizo 8 will be offered with Ateco 1.6 and 2.0 turbo motors (the junior unit hints at the badge 290T on the trunk lid), familiar from crossovers of the daughter brand Exeed.

Both are with i-HEC (High Efficiency Combustion) combustion technology.

It includes a specially shaped intake manifold, direct injection at 350 bar and an optimized combustion chamber.

All this made the 1.6 Quartet the first engine in China to be compliant with the China VI environmental standard (analogous to Euro 6).

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