Toyota Camry 2021-2022.

Toyota Camry 2021-2022.

Toyota Camry 2021-2022.

Toyota Camry 2021 for Europe: new design and improved multimedia.

Toyota has announced the start of sales in Europe of the updated Toyota Camry 2021 sedan.

This is a restyled version of the 8th generation model, which has been sold in the countries of the Old World since the beginning of 2019.

The car for the European market was modernized according to a slightly different program than its overseas counterpart (in the US, the new Camry debuted last summer), although the original cars already had quite a few differences.

The restyled sedan will only be available in Europe with a hybrid powertrain.

Sales of new items should begin before the end of autumn, complete sets and prices will be announced in the coming days.

Body design

Toyota Camry 2021-2022.

The main changes in the external appearance fell on the front.

Here the configuration of the radiator grill has been revised — the protrusion in the center has disappeared, and the side sections have acquired decorative C-shaped inserts.
They are available in Chrome or Silver, while the grille itself is available in black and dark gray.

There are almost no improvements at the back, if you do not take into account a slight correction of the lantern graphics.

But the restyled Toyota Camry got hold of new 17 and 18-inch rims, adding a sporty touch to the sedan.

The model also has a new body enamel Deep Metal Gray.

Toyota Camry 2021-2022.

Interior and equipment

The main innovations in the cabin relate to the multimedia system. From now on, the display of the media center is not built into the console, but rises above it, while the ventilation deflectors are moved down.

The screen size has been increased from eight to nine inches, plus mechanical switches have been added to the sides for quick access to basic functions.

Toyota Camry 2021-2022.

The updated system boasts the best performance, as well as support for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto technologies for integrating gadgets.

Restyling in 2021 affected not only electronics, but also interior trim. For example, beige and black leather upholstery has a different perforation pattern.

In addition, two new options for decorative inserts on the front panel, tunnel and door cards have been prepared: Black Engineered Wood and Titanium Line Pattern.

The new Toyota Corolla sedan will be equipped with the latest version of the Toyota Safety Sense complex.

It has improved the functionality of the automatic braking system — now the car reacts to oncoming vehicles and pedestrians moving perpendicularly when turning left or right.

Toyota Camry 2021-2022.

The set of electronic assistants also includes adaptive cruise control, lane tracking, and road sign recognition.

Specifications Toyota Camry 2021

In technology, everything remained the same. The Camry hybrid modification, which has no alternative in Europe, is equipped with a 2.5-liter aspirated gasoline engine, an electric motor and a variator. The total output of the system is 218 hp.

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