Jetour Dasheng by Chery 2023.

Jetour Dasheng by Chery 2023.

Jetour Dasheng by Chery 2023.

Jetour Dasheng by Chery 2023. The Jetour Dasheng crossover from Chery launches with attractive prices. Looking forward to Russia?

At the moment, the new crossover is offered in the country only with a 1.6 turbo engine.

The model has quite an aggressive look and laconic interior. And also it has a chance to get to the Russian Federation.

Grew out of the concept Jetour X five-seater crossover Dasheng brand owned by Chery fully disclosed in June.

Now in Celestial Empire announced the price list: prices were attractive, though, they are still preliminary, but in reality this means that in reality the model may be even a little cheaper.

However, we’ll return to the price list later. In the meantime, let’s look at the novelty once again and run through the equipment.

We remind you that the Jetour brand in Chery’s portfolio appeared in 2018, it was very successful, and the Dasheng parkcar became its first model of the «new wave».

Jetour Dasheng got a two-story diode headlamp (with running lights on top and main headlight units below), a frameless grille and retractable door handles, the taillights were made in the form of «igers.»

Jetour Dasheng by Chery 2023.

The model received 18-, 19- or 20-inch wheels. In terms of its dimensions the cross is comparable to the Toyota RAV4: the length of «Chinese» is 4,590 mm, width — 1,900 mm, height — 1,685 mm, wheelbase — 2,720 mm.

The interior is laconic; there is two-spoke steering wheel, «floating» central tunnel and multimedia system with the touchscreen stuck to the front panel.

Top-end crossover has a 15.6-inch screen, while other versions have 12.8-inch screen. Another screen (8″) is located in front of the driver, and a projection display is available for an extra charge.

Transmission control is entrusted to the paddle lever. The expensive versions also have a small screen on the front doors (they display the temperature), the front passenger seat with a sliding footrest and a separate button Sport on the steering wheel, activating the appropriate mode.

Jetour Dasheng by Chery 2023.

In the arsenal of Dasheng there is also a system of facial recognition. By the way, the electronics are from Huawei.

At the moment the crossover is available in China with only one motor — a gasoline «turbo four» 1.6 TGDI capacity of 197 hp, it is combined only with a seven-speed robotized transmission with two clutches.

Later versions with 156-horsepower turbo 1.5 TCI («manual» or 6DCT) and a hybrid with an installation on the basis of the same 1.5-liter engine will appear.

Jetour Dasheng by Chery 2023.

«Traditional» crossovers are exclusively front-wheel drive, the hybrid SUV may have 4WD option. All equipment, of course, is from Chery.

Now the Jetour Dasheng costs from 99,900 to 131,900 yuan, which is equivalent to about 880,000 to 1,165,000 rubles at the current exchange rate.

For comparison, for the more compact Hyundai ix25 (so in the PRC the Creta is called) today they ask at least 105,800 yuan (934,000 rubles).

Jetour Dasheng by Chery 2023.

Meanwhile, the day before the head of the Russian office Chery during a press conference dedicated to the fact that the company became a partner of the soccer club «Spartak», announced the appearance in the Russian Federation of some new sub-brand, which will join the Exeed and Omoda.

He did not disclose the name of the brand, but back in July there was news that the parent company Cheri intends to bring the Jetour brand to our market: it is possible that the representative of the Russian branch had this brand in mind.

In this case, the fresh Dasheng crossover has a chance to reach our country.

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