Citroen C3 2020.

Citroën C3 2020

Citroen C3 2020.

Citroën C3 2020 — restyling of a small hatchback from France.
According to the results of recent years, the dark horse of “green” European hatchbacks was the Citroen C3. For 3 years, a little more than 750 thousand units were sold. The result is simply stunning, given not the best loyalty to the French auto industry. And all thanks to an unsurpassed fresh design and good equipment.

Given these factors, in 2020 no one expected any restyling, but the manufacturer decided differently and made several point changes.

True, the Russian market is almost unfamiliar with this model, so it’s worth talking in more detail about one of the most original hatching today.

Citroën C3 2020


The European hatchback Citroen C3 2020 model year was based on a modular cart, Citroen’s own development — EMP1.

However, it does not have anything remarkable — the transverse position of the engine, the ease of changing length and width, the semi-independent suspension of two MacPhersons at the engine and the torsion beam at the stern, the ability to integrate mechanical and automatic transmissions, an electric power steering, a complex of passive safety systems, and disk the brakes. What else does the user need?

The engine range is represented by a typically “green” set. By the way, Citroen managed to update it right before the entry into force of new environmental standards in 2018, which each unit coped with perfectly.

In the set:
3-cylinder gasoline aspirated, which will go in the basic version. Volume 1.2 liters, 83 hp return;

The same unit settled on a step higher, but already with turbine support. With it, a five-door hatchback gets 110 hp.;

At the top there is an atmospheric diesel engine with exactly 100 hp, which entered the top 5 most reliable engines of 2018.

Regarding the transmission, the company has no alternative to the base engine with 5-speed mechanics, while in other trim levels you can “play around” with 6-gear mechanics or a 6-band automatic.

Citroën C3 2020

Now it’s worth telling what else bribed the Europeans Citroen C3, since the technology is quite trivial. Apart from the design, these are electronic assistants. The proposed set feels a fresh approach.

This is an adaptive cruise, driver fatigue monitoring, a traffic sign recognition system, automatic light control depending on the situation on the road and time of day, and a rear parking sensor with 6 sensors.

The most interesting was the ConnectedCAM video registration system, thanks to which the insurers there now do not know the problems. Shooting takes place in Full HD at an angle of 120 degrees and records up to 16 GB.

This, of course, is not remarkable, given that any freelance recorder may be better, but the system automatically writes the video in case of an accident (30 seconds before and 60 seconds after) and clears the memory itself if nothing remarkable has happened. So the situation when an accident occurred, and the registrar, it turns out, did not remove, will no longer be.

Citroën C3 2020


The hatchback body smacks of a little toy, however, the longer you look at it, the more it disposes to itself. And if you look even longer, you will notice that serious work has been done on it.

However, the design of the Citroen C3 can be estimated from the photographs, so it’s better to clarify what’s new.

1. First, the chrome molding on the front has received a continuation, going down.

2. The second, LED optics, updated the pattern, and the third, the rims grew to 17-inches and acquired a more remarkable pattern.

Actually that’s all, the dimensions also remained the same. From them you can see that the car is completely miniature:
Length, mm — 3990
Width, mm — 1750
Height, mm — 1470
Wheelbase (mm) — 2540

The most unusual in the new product was the ability to choose enamel from over 90 colors. An impressive figure, given that most manufacturers do not offer 10 colors.

Citroën C3 2020


The interior changes are also very precise. In particular, two colors are now offered. One is purely «under the skin» and is called Emerald, the second is Techwood, it has acquired overlays under the tree and, in principle, is made in «earth» colors.

Separately, it is worth noting the seats. The profile of the seats is quite unusual.

Plus, on each back and seat there is a 1.5 cm layer of polyurethane foam. It looks extremely unusual, which does not mean bad. The last feature was the front armrest.


As far as the French car industry does not find a response in the Russian soul, still the Citroen C3 leaves no one indifferent. Nevertheless, besides him, there is plenty to choose from.

For example, Ford Focus, Peugeot 308, Kia Ceed, Opel Astra Family, Hyundai i30, SEAT Leon, Toyota Auris, Renault Megane and where without VW Golf.
But in fairness, against their background, the French hatch is noticeably distinguished by at least a unique design.

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