Exeed Sterra ET 2024.

Exeed Sterra ET 2024.

Exeed Sterra ET 2024.

At the Chengdu Motor Show, Exeed’s new electric Exlantix ET crossover was shown, while revealing its interior.

In China, the Exlantix ET crossover was presented for the second time, showing its interior.

Opened yesterday, August 25, the auto show in Chengdu continues to please with new products.

So, Exlantix ET 2024 debuted here for the second time. True, under this index it will be presented on the Russian market, while in the Celestial Empire its name will be different — Exeed Sterra ET.

In Russia, the car will appear next year, but the exact dates have not yet been disclosed.

There is still no information about its characteristics. But this time they showed his salon.

Exlantix ET boasts a rather original appearance, where technology and style are combined.

The design has a laconic style, although this format is used for most electric cars.

The length of the car will be at the level of five meters, and the wheelbase — three meters. In this case, the width will be two meters.

As for the interior, the same technological style of performance with a touch of simplicity is visible here.

Exeed Sterra ET 2024.

Finishing is made with high-quality materials in light shades, and the equipment includes a wide list of available options. As for the characteristics, everything here is at the stage of rumors.

So, it is reported that the crossover has batteries for 82 or 100 kWh of capacity, which will provide a power reserve of 500-700 km. The fast charging function will increase it by 150 km when charging for five minutes.

Chery’s premium brand electric car will appear in China in 2024.

Exeed showed the Exlantix ET crossover, which is expected in Russia. At the Chengdu Motor Show, a pre-production version of the new electric crossover of the Exeed sub-brand was shown.

Exeed Sterra ET 2024.

In the domestic market, the model will be called Sterra ET, and the electric car will be exported under the Exlantix brand.

The novelty features an oval multifunction steering wheel, a minimalist interior with virtually no analog keys and ventilated multi-section power seats.

Exlantix ET dimensions are known only approximately: we are talking about a «battery» classmate Exeed VX about five meters long and about two meters wide.

The novelty will share the E0X skateboard platform with the Sterra ES premium sedan. Of the features of the architecture — adaptive air suspension.

Specifications have not been confirmed, but it looks like the Exlantix ET will be available with three battery options for 60, 82, and 100 kilowatt-hours.

Exeed Sterra ET 2024.

The power reserve will be from 500 to 700 kilometers on the gentle WLTC cycle, charging from the “supercharger” for 150 kilometers will take only five minutes.

It is likely that the crossover will have versions with rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive with a capacity of 252 horsepower.

The «chip» of all Exlantix models should be a two-tier «pixel» optics, and premium electric vehicles will also receive hardware and software for an advanced autopilot.

Exeed Sterra ET 2024.

Full-width daytime running lights, hidden door handles and frameless doors are must-haves for Exeed’s electric sub-brand.

The firstborn of the Exlantix brand, the ES sedan, will appear in Russia in early 2024. Within the next 12 months, official deliveries of the ET crossover may begin.

But first, the electric car will enter the domestic market: Exeed still has to confirm the characteristics, configurations and prices in Chinese currency.


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