Exeed VX 2024.

Exeed VX 2024.

Exeed VX 2024.

Autonews has published prices for the new Exeed VX crossover.

Data has appeared on preliminary price lists for the new Exeed VX SUV from China for the Russian market.

The new product received an 8-speed automatic transmission from the supplier Aisin.

The Chinese automaker Exeed delivered the upgraded VX SUV to the market next month. This data was officially confirmed to the portal by a representative of the company.

However, a second source close to the company announced preliminary price tags for this model. Thus, VX was valued from 6 million 900 thousand to 7 million 500 thousand rubles.

It turns out that the new product will be approximately 1 million 500 thousand rubles more expensive than the previous generation model.

The main innovation of the upgraded Exeed VX is the appearance of an Aisin automatic transmission with 8 ranges.

Now the previous generation model is presented on the Russian market with a 7DCT 300 “robot” with two clutches.

Exeed VX 2024.

In addition, the modernized foreign car acquired an all-wheel drive system with a BorgWarner clutch.

The updated model can accommodate six passengers in the cabin.

More changes took place in the interior. The decoration was a large display across the entire width of the instrument panel.

A small joystick appeared instead of the usual transmission shift lever, and redesigned door cards. A video camera has been added to recognize the faces of motorists.

Now VX in its pre-restyling form is sold in Russia for at least 5 million 300 thousand rubles.

Exeed VX 2024.

Russians can choose from versions with a two-liter TGDI petrol unit with an output of 249 “horses”.

From zero to the first 100 km/h the Exeed VX accelerates in 8.5 seconds. The maximum speed limit was 195 km/h.

The 2024 Exeed VX is built on a new platform — M3X 2.0. With the change of generation, the Chinese crossover received a more rigid body and a revised suspension design.

The 2024 Exeed VX continues to be powered by a 2.0-liter SQRF4J20C engine. On outgoing generation cars it produces 261 hp, although in Russia the engine is presented in a derated version with 249 hp.

Exeed VX 2024.

Interestingly, from now on this unit does not work in conjunction with a robot, but is paired with an eight-speed automatic. The drive, as before, can be front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive.

The Chinese proudly report that the new Exid VX II has become noticeably safer: the car has 32 different electronic assistants in its arsenal. And the model in the new body has acquired an active noise reduction system.

In China, orders for the second generation all-terrain vehicle are already open. Buyers are offered three configurations to choose from. Specifically, the basic (seven-seater) version costs from 209,900 yuan (2.35 million rubles at the current exchange rate).

Exeed VX 2024.

For a six-seater car, the manufacturer asks for a minimum of 219,900 yuan (2.45 million rubles), and the price of the top-end all-wheel drive modification with seven seats is estimated at 229,900 yuan (2.57 million rubles).

Later it became known that the start of sales of the new Exeed VX II in Russia is planned for the end of the twenty-third year, but there is no information on prices yet.

However, if you consider that the previous version is sold from 5.2 million rubles, then the second generation model is unlikely to be cheaper.


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