Chery eQ7 2024.

Chery eQ7 2024.

Chery eQ7 2024.

Chery eQ7 2024: a new electric crossover may soon enter the market.

In 2024, a new sub-brand of the Chery company will appear — Chery NEV (New Energy Vehicle), created for electric vehicles and hybrids.

And one of the main contenders to appear in the lineup is the Chery EQ7 electric crossover, which underwent a restyling at the beginning of 2023.

So, Chery eQ7 2024 in China is offered in two versions:
Rear drive. Electric motor with a power of 184 hp and 225 Hm, traction battery capacity — 53.9 kWh, range — 412 km (according to the outdated CLTC cycle). Maximum speed – 180 km/h.

Rear drive. Electric motor with a power of 211 hp and 285 Hm, traction battery capacity — 67.12 kWh, range — 512 km (according to the outdated CLTC cycle). Maximum speed – 180 km/h.

Dimensions and main parameters

Length: 4675 mm
Width: 1910 mm
Height: 1660 mm
Wheelbase: 2830 mm
Curb weight: 1718 – 1850 kg
Trunk volume: 386 – 1250 l

Chery eQ7 2024.

In terms of size, the Chery eQ7 is comparable to the Kia Sportage, and on the Russian market its direct competitor is the Evolute I-Sky.

In China, prices for Chery eQ7 start at 120,000 yuan for the basic AIR package (1,500,000 rubles at the current rate), and the cost of the top-end Pro version starts at 140,000 yuan (1,800,000 rubles at the current rate).

After monitoring the message boards, we found several new eQ7 electric vehicles with an estimated cost of 3,500,000 rubles.

Against the backdrop of Chery’s great success in the production of gasoline and hybrid cars, this company’s relationship with electric cars is not going so smoothly.

Chery eQ7 2024.

Moreover, the specialists of the specially created division of Chery New Energy began modestly: with the release of the EQ1 microcar, which appeared in 2016.

The model did not become popular, although it tried to copy the Toyota iQ and Smart Fortwo.

In 2020, the 4.6-meter Chery eQ5 SUV is released, and again the model is considered unsuccessful.

Perhaps its controversial external design, which was developed at the Pininfarina studio, played a role.

But Chery does not give up hope for success, so in 2023 a new electric car will be released — Chery EQ7.

It can be considered a restyling of the EQ5 crossover, since it has almost the same body, and the same single-engine transmission with rear-wheel drive.

Chery eQ7 2024.

However, the “seven” looks much nicer: from the front it looks more like a Jetour Dashing, since it got rid of the complex three-story optics design, which made the front of the car “overloaded.”

Now there are stylish DRL stripes and headlight units in the side recesses of the front bumper.

There is no radiator grille, but there is a large air intake in the lower part of the front body kit. At the rear, the car also got rid of the extremely awkward bumper, but at the same time retained the monoblock optics.

Some changes compared to the Chery eQ5 have also been made to the interior.

Chery eQ7 2024.

The number of physical controls has been significantly reduced, and the center console has been cleared of everything, leaving only cup holders and a pair of pads for wireless charging of gadgets.

The blocks of buttons on the multifunction steering wheel were replaced and they became touch-sensitive, while the pair of displays behind it remained the same.

New finishing materials also appeared in the Chery EQ7 interior, and a real VIP chair with vibration massage and a folding ottoman was prepared for the front passenger.


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