The Lyriq has opened pre-sales.

The Lyriq has opened pre-sales.

The Lyriq has opened pre-sales.

The Lyriq has opened pre-sales. Cadillac has opened Lyriq pre-sales in China and received 1,000 pre-orders per hour. The crossover has proven to be very popular.

Chinese auto enthusiasts who pre-order and buy the Lyriq before the end of April 2022 will receive 10,000 miles of free charging, gifts for logging into the Cadillac IQ app, the ability to choose a unique body shade and delivery of the ordered car starting in summer 2022.

Cadillac is ready for a change in terms of electrification. The LYRIQ electric car, based on the brand’s heritage and advanced innovative technologies, is intended to set a new standard for luxury electric vehicles.

The Lyriq is offered in China in a luxury version at a price of 439,700 Chinese yuan, or 5 million 20 thousand rubles at the current exchange rate.

This is about 727 thousand rubles more than the entry-level Lyriq, available on the U.S. market.


The Cadillac Lyriq 2022, which will go into «production», compared to the concept car has received minimal changes.

Engineers only slightly tweaked the optics, making the headlights larger, and installed full-fledged side mirrors instead of miniature cameras.

The new modular platform, in which a 100-kilowatt battery from LG Chem was perfectly integrated, gave the American electric car the following dimensions:

The Lyriq has opened pre-sales.

length — 4,986 mm;
width — 1,977 mm;
height — 1623 mm;
Wheelbase — 3094 mm.

The given crossover, unlike proportional XT6, became five-seater, and a number of accessible modifications should appear both rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive chassis variants.

The Lyriq has opened pre-sales.


Exterior design of electric-parketnik Cadillac Lyriq 2022 model year is pretty futuristic, but the exterior is easily distinguishable brand features: «shield» of radiator pseudo-lattice and characteristic form of optics in the form of large vertical LED-modules in front and «boomerangs» behind.

Thanks to the streamlined form of the body with recessed door handles, low roof line and massive sills, the crossover looks stocky, and even more futuristic image of this car gives big 20-inch wheels.

The Lyriq has opened pre-sales.

Interior .

The front panel of the new Cadillac Lyriq 2022 electric crossover has a large 33-inch display, which holds the «dashboard» and multimedia system screen.

For better readability the panel is made slightly concave, and its main advantage is called perfect color rendering with the ability to display about 1 billion different colors.

Tuning panel «climate» got rid of the originally planned touch-buttons and got the physical controls, and the U.S. engineers preferred to combine sensors on the steering wheel with a classic «twist knobs».

The Lyriq has opened pre-sales.

Finally, the design of the central tunnel required the creation of a two-story design with a beautiful backlighting device, where at the top level coexist modest transmission control unit and two cup holders.

Technical characteristics and a stuffing

The base version of the crossover will be a rear-wheel drive single-engine modification with 340 horsepower. (440 Nm).

Declared mileage of the car with a 100 kW∙h battery — 483 km, which is less than the Tesla Model X with a similar battery.

As it turns out, the reason for the serious difference of almost 50 kilometers can be explained by the weight: Cadillac Lyriq just turned out to be heavier.

Separately stressed that to charge the traction battery can use the station capacity up to 190 kW, which only for 10 minutes will help to get the energy to overcome about 120 kilometers.

The main «chip» equipment of a new crossover called autopilot system Super Cruise, which allows you to move around on country roads and park in parking lots without the participation of the driver.

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