Ford Bronco 2022.

Ford Bronco 2022.

Ford Bronco 2022.

The Ford Bronco 2022: the return of a legend in a brutal off-road guise.

For the U.S. in the mid-1960s, this car, which lasted on the assembly line almost until the turn of the 20th and 21st centuries, won fame and popularity.

The long hesitation of the company’s designers, engineers, and top management eventually led to the sixth generation of the legend, the 2022 Ford Bronco.

Exterior of the new model has a direct reference to the exterior of its predecessor, and all-road characteristics of the car will allow wishing to stand out from the stream in the city, quite calmly feeling and in places where most competitors simply will not pass.

And all this — for quite reasonable, as it has been recently declared, cost.


Even on a photo it is possible to note that the considered car has a frameless body that allows to carry a novelty to type of crossovers, bright, aggressive and original enough.

At the same time, the fact that this is a restyling of the classics, allowing you to pay attention to the roots, indicate the original lighting, sports impact-resistant plastic dodger, as well as a dense, wavy relief.

Traditionally, the Ford Bronco 2022’s muzzle is the most striking.

Ford Bronco 2022.

Here you can find a fairly high windshield, located at a slight angle and passing into a squat, low-lying hood, large-mesh grille with the model name, as well as round, resembling «Niva» headlamps with LED headlight units.

Massive ram-type bumper contains off-road equipment, turn indicators and small fog lights. The bumper trim boasts a slot for additional under-hood airflow, as well as power towing devices.

Off-road retro style dominates the design of the sides of the three- or five-door new body.

Here the attention is attracted by the black straight roof equipped with chrome rails, accentuating its shape large regular-shaped windows, as well as small mirrors.

The relief here is mainly smooth, and the wheel arches — voluminous and flamboyant on its background.

The off-road nature of the car is emphasized by a large ground clearance, an abundance of plastic protection elements and short overhangs, as well as powerful, aggressive alloy wheels.

At the back the retro-style is generally preserved. There is no visor here at all, and slightly narrowed at the top of the stern boasts a large, vertically arranged rectangular glass.

Ford Bronco 2022.

On the main part of the lid of the luggage compartment you can find the company’s logo, stepped relief transitions, as well as the spare wheel, fixed outside.

On the side pillars there are traditionally slightly extended vertical bars of LED lights.

And the ascetic bumper, made of durable plastic and reinforced with metal inserts, contains nothing but a platform for the license plate and fog lights, but can serve as a step for access to the body.


The interior of the new Ford Bronco 2022 model year is made purposely ascetic and simple, but the quality of materials, among which will be leather, and quality plastic, and inserts made of metal, on high.

Potential buyers will be pleasantly surprised by the ergonomics of the seats, as well as an expanded body of driving and entertainment options.

Design of the front end

Torpedo seems quite rough, but this is a deceptive impression. Here you can find many interesting elements, among which is worth highlighting the dashboard with the traditional arrow tachometer and speedometer, as well as a bright display of on-board computer between them.

Ford Bronco 2022.

Closer to the center there is a working console with several deflectors, 12-inch touchscreen multimedia display, as well as a simple adjustment unit for climate control.

Further begins central tunnel, which found a place for a small pocket, technical unit with a large selector of the transmission, cup holders, a small organizer and a soft, comfortable armrest with additional cooled glove compartment.

Seats and luggage compartment

The car is a five-seater by default, and the first-row seats have a slightly better set of options than the rear.

In particular, they can be trimmed with fabric or leather, depending on the configuration will receive excellent lateral support, multi-stage heating and several mechanisms for fine-tuning the position.

For the riders on the rear sofa there is an option to easily change the position of the back, as well as folding the armrest in the absence of the central passenger.

The trunk, if we believe the test drive data, allows, due to its correct shape, to place more than 800 liters of luggage in the camping position and 1700 liters — when the second row is folded.


Dimensions of the updated Ford Bronco 2022 will not change and make 4.81 meters in length, 2.01 meters in width and almost two meters in height.

With a wheelbase of 2.67 meters and ground clearance ranging from 0.198 to 0.24 meters, this car will be able to perfectly cope with various off-road obstacles.

The car will be equipped with two petrol engines: the initial 2,3-liter engine can show 273 powers, and 2,7-liter — already 314 «horses».

Ford Bronco 2022.

Moreover, if the first variant is available as seven-graded «handle», and ten-graded «automatic device», the senior engine will work with automatic transmission only.

But the drive will always be all-wheel drive. There is no doubt that the car can perfectly cope with all the difficulties of bad roads and off-roading, but it will not differ with economy.

Options and prices

Across the ocean, the novelty is available for purchase in three modifications, each of which can be expanded by purchasing a package of necessary options.

The starting price of the new Brontë will be $28.5 thousand, while for everything else, you will need to pay another 11.5 thousand units of U.S. currency.

Start of sales in Russia

As for the release date in Russia, there is no information yet, despite the fact that at home, in North America, the car can be bought starting from the end of 2020.

Competing models

In addition to the timeless Jeep Wrangler, the real competitors for the purse of the buyer will be the Range Rover Evoque, Mercedes-Benz GLC, Toyota FJ Cruiser and even the exotic Qoros 5 SUV.

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