Ford Mondeo 2023.

Ford Mondeo 2023.

Ford Mondeo 2023.

Sales of the Ford Mondeo 2023 started in Russia, despite the sanctions. And it turned out to be «cheap».

In the showrooms of our country you can buy the new Ford Mondeo 2023.

Russian dealers began to sell in our country a stylish American sedan Ford Mondeo 2023.

Of course, the model is sold in our country unofficially, because the company «Ford» does not bring «cars» to the Russian Federation since 2019.

The model was brought to the Russian market through a system of parallel imports.

Thus, the Russian Ford showrooms, which previously sold commercial vehicles, began to offer the Mondeo of the fifth generation.

For information, since this year the American concern has stopped selling this car in the U.S. and Europe.

In turn, in China, the car at the beginning of 2022 even changed its generation. By the way, in the Russian Federation the sedan came just from the Celestial Empire.

The car is available in our country in several configurations at a price from 2.7 to 3.1 million rubles, which is not much for a modern, technological model with excellent technical characteristics and stylish design.

After the change of generation, the car has completely transformed compared to the fourth generation.

Ford Mondeo 2023.

At the front there are narrow daytime running lights in L-shaped bodies. Below are the square headlights.

In the center is a hexagonal grille filled with lots of small black inserts.

The profile attracts attention with an arched roof, hidden door handles, large rims and a plastic decorative overlay.

At the stern of the sedan there are lights in the style of «Mustang» and a massive bumper with a fake diffuser.

Ford Mondeo 2023.

Also the car has quite a technological interior with a lot of unusual solutions. For example, in the entire front console is an electronic panel, divided into two parts.

On the left side you can notice the steering wheel with lots of keys.

Under the hood of the car is set one and a half liter turbocharged power unit, which produces a maximum capacity of 165 «horses».

In tandem with this motor works automatic transmission, which directs the traction to the front axle.

Ford systematically reduces its passenger car lineup. In particular, the Mondeo sedan has left the market.

Ford Mondeo 2023.

However, this decision has affected only the U.S. and Europe so far. In China, the American sedan continues to sell and develop. And soon an updated version of the Ford Mondeo 2023 will debut.

Chinese media have published photos of the American model, which has undergone a deep modernization.

The sedan has acquired a more sporty, even aggressive appearance due to the redesigned front bumper, which is now supplemented by the original side cutouts.

The latter are combined with a long central air intake. The radiator grille of the new Mondeo looks bigger than its predecessor.

And the headlights became noticeably narrower. This combination of new design solutions makes Mondeo look like Mustang.

Ford Mondeo 2023.

The novelty’s roof has a sloping shape, which in combination with the sloped back pillars gives the car a liftback look.

This impression is intensified by the presence of a noticeable spoiler at the rear, under which there are large lights connected by a thin LED strip.

One of the main features of the American novelty is the appearance of a huge 1.1 meter screen, which combines two touch screen monitors and a virtual dashboard.

Mondeo has got Ford’s own system, supporting voice and gesture control. In addition, built-in equipment is able to recognize the faces of drivers.

Under the hood of an American novelty is placed proprietary 2-liter turbo engine, the maximum output of which reaches 238 hp, torque — 376 N*m. The engine is combined with an 8-band «automatic».


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