Ford Taurus 2022.

Ford Taurus 2022.

Ford Taurus 2022.

The Ford Taurus has changed generation: now it is a sedan based on the Mondeo for the Middle East.

At the end of April 22, the Americans introduced the new Ford Taurus, designed for the Middle East.

Interestingly, it is far from being a novelty, but a redesigned version of the Chinese Mondeo.

Outwardly the «Arab» Ford Taurus 2022 differs from the donor only by small decorative elements and original nameplates.

Otherwise, the design of both cars is identical.

In the cabin of the car there is an 8.0-inch display of the virtual dashboard and 13.2-inch touchscreen multimedia system.

Both screens are located on a single panel without a visor.

Interestingly, the older versions of the Chinese Mondeo may have a 12.3-inch dashboard and 27.0-inch touchscreen multimedia display, but the sedan for the Middle East has no such equipment.

As for dimensions, the new Ford Taurus 2022 model year reaches a length of 4,935 mm, that is, it was shorter than its predecessor by 83 mm.

Wheelbase of the four-door is claimed to be 2,945 mm (- 4).

Ford Taurus 2022.

The sedan is offered with the same units as the related Mondeo. It means that the auto is completed with a 2.0-liter turbo EcoBoost engine, which produces 246 hp in Chinese specification.

The engine works in a sheaf with an eight-speed automatic, transferring a draft to front wheels.

Mass production of the new Taurus will be set up at a joint venture Changan Ford.

Deliveries of cars to the Middle East will begin in the summer of the twenty-second. No information about cost of the model.

Sedan is intended for the Middle East.

Ford Taurus 2022.

The sedan is an exact copy of the Chinese Mondeo, and will be sold in the Middle East (the model disappeared from the American range manufacturer three years ago).

Externally, the cars are identical, the differences are noticeable only in the interior. For the Taurus, a panoramic roof, adaptive cruise control and a gasoline four-cylinder two-liter engine paired with an eight-band automatic transmission are claimed.

The Taurus sedan disappeared from Ford’s U.S. lineup in spring 2019.

But the model under the same name continued to be produced in China, at the Changan-Ford joint venture.

The four-door was based on the CD4 platform from the fourth-generation Mondeo (2012-2022) and was exported to the Middle East, among others.

Ford Taurus 2022.

Now the new Taurus is presented, and it turned out to be an exact copy of the «fifth» Mondeo.

The Mondeo, and with it the Evos cross-liftback, are based on the «design philosophy» of Progressive Energy in Strength.

The same style is copied by Taurus in the smallest details. It has the same double-deck headlights, retractable door handles and rear lights «a la» Mustang with vertical sections.

The interior is also identical, except the displays on the Taurus’ front fascia are not so big: eight and 13.2 inches instead of 12.3 and 27.

Ford Taurus 2022.

The sedan will appear in the Middle East in the summer. Panoramic sunroof, adaptive cruise control, blind spot monitoring, wireless charging and Apple CarPlay support are claimed for the model.

The engine is one — it is «turbo four» 2.0 EcoBoost, in the Chinese specification developing 238 horsepower and 376 Nm of torque. The transmission is an eight-band automatic. Front-wheel drive.

«Taurus» is the most popular Ford model in the region. Last year, its sales increased by 527 percent compared to the year before.

Looking at individual countries, for example, Saudi Arabia sold 73 percent more Taurus in 2021 than in 2020; Kuwait sold 125 percent more, and Oman and Bahrain sold 63 percent and 42 percent more, respectively.

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