Geely Geometry E 2022.

Geely Geometry E 2022.

Geely Geometry E 2022.

Geely, having published the first official photos of the new 2022 Geometry E electric crossover back in February, has now fully declassified it.

The Chinese model features compact dimensions and is equipped with a small electric engine. But this configuration is due to several reasons.

Geometry E can get the status of a people’s electric crossover (photo: Geely).

At least, the majority of Chinese think so. Judging by recent reviews, many Chinese residents are waiting for the start of sales of this novelty.

Such high attention to it is due not only to its attractive price.

Recall that Geely offered the Geometry E for a minimum of 87.8 thousand yuan, which in recalculation at the current exchange rate barely exceeds 700,000 rubles.

The comments on this model show the high confidence of Chinese motorists in the quality of its performance.

Geely Geometry E 2022.

In particular, local drivers are confident that Geely is incapable of creating a less reliable electric car than its latest products.

At the same time, some Chinese say the Geometry E is overpriced.

In particular, there are similar electric crossovers on the Chinese market, which can be bought cheaper.

But the advantage of Geometry E is that it has a higher-capacity battery, which provides more range.

According to official information, three types of batteries will be offered together with the Chinese novelty.

The base version of the electric crossover has a cruising range of 320 kilometers.

More expensive modifications Geometry E can go up to 380 and 401 kilometers without recharging respectively.

Geely Geometry E 2022.

Moreover, according to the announced information, such results of the electric crossover demonstrated during tests on public roads, but not during factory tests.

The affordable price of the Geometry E is partly due to the fact that the novelty is one of the most compact modern parkettes.

Its length is only 4006 mm, width is 1765 mm and height is 1555 mm. The distance between the wheel axles is 2485 mm.

Despite such sizes, there will be a lot of free space inside the Chinese novelty due to the flat floor.

Partly for this reason, some drivers from China consider the Geometry E as the optimal family vehicle.

The Chinese novelty is offered with only one electric motor, which is installed on the front axle.

Its declared maximum power is 82 hp with a tractive torque of 130 N*m.

Geely Geometry E 2022.

To the merits of the crossover include the presence of a voice assistant, which through self-learning can maintain an uninterrupted conversation with the driver.

Together with the Chinese model will also be offered an air conditioning system, electronically controlled exterior mirrors, navigation, the function of monitoring the blind spots and other options.

It is reported that Geometry E will provide comfortable driving and seats covered with artificial leather, front seats with developed profile, 10.25-inch touchscreen and virtual dashboard.

In addition, available options include a system that automatically unlocks the doors in the event of an accident.

Geely Geometry E 2022.

Geely has already started taking pre-orders for the new Geometry E.

But commercial samples of the crossover will be shipped only in the third quarter.

Note that this model may appear in Russia at a later date. Geely previously considered the possibility of supplying electric cars Geometry series in our country. While the manufacturer has not abandoned these plans.

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