Genesis GV80.

Genesis GV80. The first Hyundai Premium crossover.

South Korean manufacturer Hyundai plans to surprise customers again. Almost a year ago, the company presented the Genesis GV80 concept at the US auto show. This is the first premium crossover. He is going to release Hyundai.

The manufacturer claims that the prototype may not receive a serial release. But in the future, the developments will be used on other cars. Since the company has repeatedly said that they are going to rely on the production of crossovers. In the coming years, we can expect to replenish the model range.

The concept of Genesis involved Luc Donkervolke. He moved to the South Korean concern after retiring from his post as chief designer of the brand Bentley. Genesis GV80 — his debut work in the new position. According to the developer, he tried to make the car unique to surprise potential buyers. The design is really original and unusual.

How will the first premium crossover Hyundai look.

Brand Hyundai Genesis GV80 is positioned as a SUV, made in the style of «sports chic». In some cases, it is compared with the Bentley EXP 9F, which was also developed by Luc Donkervolke. However, unlike the Bentley, the South Korean car received a design that looks more impressive.

A distinctive feature of SUV are hidden door handles. The absolutely flat surface attracts attention, as do the lights, resembling two parallel stripes. LED optics are made in the same version and the front and rear.
Genesis embodied in itself and other design solutions:

embossed sides;
aerodynamic elements of body kit;
high line of windows;
trapezoidal grille (it will become the hallmark of future models along with headlights);
translucent side racks.

In the same style as the grille, roof pillars and 23-inch wheels with perforated spokes are made. They are designed specifically for the crossover. They are designed to cool the brake elements as efficiently as possible. Another design move — the absence of the usual exterior mirrors. Instead, they will install cameras on the remote modules.
Overall, the Genesis GV80 looks confident and stylish. The design, although unusual, is intended to demonstrate the high status of the car owner.

Interior equipment and interior design

As for the interior SUV. He fits his class. It is made in a calm style. The developers decided to use a combination of suede, natural leather, aluminum and ash gray. From suede stretches a kind of «bridge» from one door to another. The central part is made in the same color, only from wood.

Aged in two-color interior. Despite the expensive upholstery, the design of the car does not look pretentious. On the contrary, quite concisely.

However, the front panel of the horizontal architecture includes a 22-inch widescreen monitor. The screen is located above the panel. In fact, completely replaces the usual management system.

The driver can control the electronics using the sensor washer. It is located between the front seats. In addition, there are hot buttons and a rotating ring. At the same time, the monitor itself is divided into a driver zone and a passenger zone. They can choose their own image.

At the back of the Genesis GV80 crossover are separate screens. The rear seats themselves are separated by a high tunnel (there are 2 behind them). The developers have provided space for the rear passengers to freely sit.

The upgraded control panel simplifies the task of the driver. Since the entire control system is in front of his eyes. Made steering wheel in a unique style in the form of four spokes.


If the design and interior of the car leave no room for guesswork, then with the technical characteristics of the new Genesis, not everything is clear yet. The concept of a crossover suggests that it will be equipped with a hydrogen power unit with fuel cells and electric charging. Only water becomes a by-product of such a system.

True, in the production of such cars are unlikely. If you believe the rumors, the serial SUV will work on a gasoline engine, and when entering the European market can get a diesel option. Experts suggest that the release of models will occur as follows:

the first modifications will be equipped with a supercharged V6 with a volume of 3.5 liters;

after that a four-cylinder turbodiesel will appear, and then a hybrid and electric version;

rumored to be possible to release V8 with a five-liter engine and a capacity of 420 horsepower.

It is planned that the cars will be equipped with an eight-speed automatic transmission and rear-wheel drive. But not excluded and front-wheel drive.
Price and configuration will be known closer to the release date. The cost of the South Korean SUV will be close to the prices of competitors.

Start date of sales.

The start of the crossover will not happen before the end of 2018 — the beginning of 2019. Today, the department of Genesis introduces cars according to the plan. First, the G70 makes its debut (it will appear in Russia in April 2018), and only after that we can expect the appearance of a premium SUV on the market.

Now the South Korean manufacturer Hyundai just brought to the tests a prototype of the new Genesis GV80 crossover. It is known that the car is tested in winter conditions in Scandinavia. While the car is being tested in the back of Santa Fe, but with extended wings and hood. Most likely, he was chosen to further adjust the suspension.

It is not yet completely closed the topic with the name of the model. It is possible that the car will be released under the sign of GV70, and not GV80.

SUV off-road, according to the manufacturer, will become a serious competitor to modern premium crossovers. Serial models should receive most of the concept design solutions, however, after the tests, some characteristics may change.
The GV80 will be one of six cars that the Genesis premium brand is set to release by 2020.

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