Nissan Patrol 2019.

Nissan Patrol 2019.

Full-size SUV, manufactured by Nissan, the true long-liver of the automotive market. After all, the model for more than 65 years. During this period, the car has evolved from a compact army jeep to a luxurious and powerful off-road explorer. Successfully competes with premium class models from famous European brands.

Owners value this car for such advantages as:
excellent off-road performance;
stylish exterior;
high level of comfort and safety of the passenger and driver.

The history of the model.

The 1st generation of the serial Japanese SUV Patrol was developed as an army vehicle. But in 1951 its civilian version was offered to the market. Received the original name of Safari and 3.7-liter gasoline power unit with a capacity of 75 liters. with.

The 2nd generation is a car that entered the market in 1959. Auto enjoyed great popularity. It was presented in a wide range of body options. From open (with a soft or metal top) to a pickup.

The 3rd generation of the model, in contrast to the first two, has lost the features of military equipment. Became much closer to the civilian car. He received an elongated 5-door body and a 7-seater saloon with 3 rows of seats. Also a wide range of motor gasoline and diesel units.

The 4th generation Patrol was introduced to the public in 1987. The car with the Y60 index was radically different from the third generation large SUV. The compact jeep was presented in several body styles. Including 3-door.

The 5th generation went on sale in 1997. The manufacturer decided to return to the release of roomy all-wheel drive jeeps. In addition to the spectacular exterior, the model received a series of powerful, but at the same time economical V6. As well as a system of forced inclusion of the front axle.

The 6th generation of the Nissan Patrol are cars that will be presented in car dealerships until 2019. Release of which started in 2010. Already in 2013, the company released a restyled version of the sixth generation model. Received a more aggressive design and minor technical improvements. A number of modern options.

The 7th generation of the full-size SUV Patrol Nissan company plans to release in early 2019. It is expected that the new model will make a worthy competition to the equally popular Land Cruiser from Toyota, Lexus LX 570 and GMC Yukon.

Exterior new items.

The seventh generation of the Japanese SUV will receive a yard of significant changes. First of all, they will touch the size and exterior of the car. Thus, the new 2018 Nissan Patrol lineup, presented in the photo, will become even more and will acquire pronounced aggressive features thanks to elements in the style of the Pathfinder.

Form the exterior of the updated SUV will be:

grille, which will retain the V-shape, but at the same time get a new design; new geometry head optics;

stylish bumper design;

large rear window providing excellent visibility;

massive body kits, giving the car a special muscularity;

stylish chrome elements;

large wheels (R18-R20, depending on the modification and used rubber).

In general, the new Patrol will fully correspond to the high status of its owner, responding to the most current fashion trends of the auto industry. One of the most weighty arguments in favor of the Nissan Patrol for those who choose cars of this class will remain the indicator of ground clearance, which in the new model as well as in the previous one will be 275 mm.

The interior of the updated SUV.

In the cabin of the 2018-2019 Nissan Patrol, engineers and designers have thought through every detail.

On the status of the car will say everything:

high-quality genuine leather and wear-resistant plastic;

ergonomics of space and functional systems;

massive multifunction steering wheel 4-spoke design;

familiar to the owners of the 6th generation dashboard with two wells and a digital display of the onboard computer;

comfortable chairs with a mass of various adjustments;

spectacular design solutions in the design of individual elements;

a package of options that provide safety and facilitate driving;

multizone climate control; powerful acoustics with 13 points of sound;

7 inch touch screen for navigation control and multimedia system;

entertainment monitors for second-row passengers;

natural wood inlays and chrome elements.

Since the official presentation of the model is only expected, there is no more detailed information about the design features of the new Patrol. Insiders claim that the 2019 model will receive a 7-seater version with a three-row version.


The attention of all lovers of large and powerful SUVs from the company Nissan riveted to the power units of the updated Patrol. In 2019, the model range of engines designed for installation on various versions of full-length off-road explorers will include the following models:




For the rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive versions of the car is supposed to install a 6-speed mechanics or 7-midrange machine.

The functionality of the 2019 model will include:

full set of active and passive safety options;

keyless access; stability control system.

In more detail about what features the updated model will receive can be judged only after the official premiere, which is expected in the second half of 2018.

Price and start of sales.

The new Nissan Patrol, which should appear in car dealerships already in 2019, will receive a number of significant improvements. Its price should not increase much. For the European market, it should roughly be in the range. Installed for 6 generation cars (72 000 — 90 000 dollars).

Whether the model will be presented on the Russian market, while there is no information. Considering the fact that the 6th generation Patrol did not arouse much interest among domestic motorists and, due to low sales, has not been supplied to Russia since the beginning of 2017. Nissan company may not consider this area as a priority.

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