Honda Civic 2022.

Honda Civic 2022.

Honda Civic 2022.

Honda Civic 2022: sedan with improved design and high performance potential.
The design and layout of the 11th generation Honda Civic 2022 pre-production sedan includes interesting technological and design solutions.

Nevertheless, the planned restyling mainly affected the modernization of technical and electronic equipment.

Also, the cabin interior has become more comfortable, the chassis has been edited, the traction and consumption characteristics of the engine range have been improved.

The novelty is focused on the needs of the youth driving segment and the older generation of motorists.
When the sedan is launched into serial production, changes in the configuration are possible, aimed at increasing the cabin comfort and road safety.


Despite the outward resemblance to the brand’s predecessor, the 2022 Honda Civic model retained the characteristic features of the brand layout and body decor. The new model is distinguished by the predominance of elements of a dynamic sport-aggressive style in the exterior.

In the photo, in the most expressive and vivid facade projection, the new version of Honda in the sedan modification confidently demonstrates:

• angular outlines of the front edge of the hood;

• black gloss of massive lamellas and the brand logo of the compact radiator grille;

• three-element blocks of LED front optics complemented by graceful curves of the navigation lights.

Honda Civic 2022.

The lower segment of the aerodynamic front attracts attention with the protruding bumper profile, large format complemented by large-format fog lamps and a trapezoidal contour of the engine compartment cooling duct. A compact body kit completes the composition.

The chrome plating of the brand logo, the textured mesh of the air intake and elements of the dynamic body relief are presented as decor.

From a profile perspective, the new sedan body looks no less stylish and presentable in all respects. In the spotlight:

• gentle slope of the domed coupe-shaped roof;

• contrast of the silvery contour and the black trim of the three-piece glazing of the body sidewalls;

• exclusive design of mirrors and correct geometry of wheel arches with two-tone design of 19-inch wheels.

Compact door handles and longitudinal profiles of sporty body reliefs organically fit into the design of the sidewalls.

The design and structural properties of the stern of the new Honda Civic 2022 sedan include a gently sloping dynamic slope of the rear window, a decorative spoiler and transverse profiles of the embossed luggage door, a wedge-shaped shape and original branded graphics of multifunctional lights.

Honda Civic 2022.

The lower part of the stern is equipped with a powerful bumper and a protective and decorative panel of a compact body kit with two cutouts for large-caliber chrome exhaust.


In the design of the internal volume, high-quality fabrics or kozhimite were used, as well as elastic facing plastic, decorative inserts made of Alcantara and polished metal. A salon with a comfort rating for its class can accommodate a driver and four adult passengers.

The configuration of the multifunction steering wheel supplemented with command buttons contributes to a full overview of the combined, analog-digital or, in the top-end sedan equipment, a virtual instrument panel.

Command and media functions are combined with a 9-inch diagonal center console monitor. On the upper floor there is a pair of asymmetrical deflectors, on the lower floor there is a control panel for activating functional and comfort-forming options.

The compact tunnel format includes a well for small items, a gear shift lever, a pair of cupholders and an armrest with an integrated larger container.

In the new generation, the sedan will receive additional functions of multimedia equipment and active road safety systems.

Honda Civic 2022.

A special Honda Sensing package is promised in the list of paid options.
Resiliently padded front seats with side bolsters and multiple adjustment ranges are complemented by efficient heating and cooling systems.

The boarding and road service of the rear sofa is limited by the backrest tilt and the presence of a folding armrest.

A minimum 2.5-fold increase in the 419-liter boot volume is only possible by transforming the rear seats. More accurate data in the sources of technical information has not been published.


Until now, the dimensions of the sedan in the information field are absent, it is known that the new model range will be slightly lower and wider than its predecessor.

The base model Honda Civic 2022 will receive a tandem of a turbocharged gasoline three with a volume of 1 liter, with an output of 182 hp. and a 6-speed manual transmission.

Honda Civic 2022.

The diesel drive is represented by a 1.6-liter i-DTEC engine, which is accompanied by a manual or continuously variable CVT transmission. Combined axle suspension, MacPherson struts and multi-link.

The test drive has confirmed the starting, speed and flow-rate characteristics of both power units typical for its power category, which will be announced in the near future.

Options and prices

In European markets, the new 2022 Honda Civic will be available in several models, with different equipment levels and power pack options. The sedan’s base price of $ 21,500 may incur additional costs for special options.

Sales start in Russia

The brand’s automotive products are in rather high consumer demand in our market, nevertheless, the new product will first be registered in European car dealerships. The release date in Russia by the company’s management will be announced no earlier than the middle of the autumn season of 2021.

Competing models

In the list of constant competitors, analogues of other world brands of the Kia Optima, Toyota Corolla and Mazda 3 class are still in the lead.

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