Honda Prologue 2024.

Honda Prologue 2024.

Honda Prologue 2024.

Honda Prologue crossover for America: a relative of the Chevrolet Blazer EV, on sale in 2024.

Honda has released the first photos of the Honda Prologue mid-size electric crossover, built on the GM’s Ultium modular platform.

The Prologue is Honda’s first electric model developed with General Motors.

Recall that the Japanese and American companies in 2020 joined the alliance, and in the spring of this year it was expanded — in the sense that Honda and GM will eventually release a lot more joint models than originally planned: the companies literally promised millions of low-cost electric cars, which Honda Prologue does not apply.

The Prologue is a rather large and expensive crossover, with an overall length of 4,877 mm, a width of 1,989 mm, a height of 1,643 mm, and a wheelbase of 3,094 mm.

GM’s closest counterpart to the Honda Prologue is the Chevrolet Blazer EV crossover introduced in July, and there will also be a related model from premium brand Acura, announced in August with the Precision EV concept.

The Blazer EV and Prologue have similar proportions and doorways, but Honda’s crossover has a more refined design in the brand’s latest style, called Neo-Rugged.

Honda Prologue 2024.

Large 21-inch wheels are not lost against the background of black pads of wheel arches.

On the tailgate between the lights, instead of the corporate emblem, a laconic Honda lettering is emblazoned.

Interior is designed as conservative as the models Civic and CR-V of recent generations, but the dashboard at Prologue originally completely virtual 11-inch and has no visor.

Honda Prologue 2024.

The size of the multimedia screen is 11.3 inches, its frame has a strong thickening from the driver’s side, where the «thumbturn» of volume control is located.

Under the narrow central deflectors of ventilation system there is a block of microclimate with real physical keys — it will be convenient to use them blindly.

Honda Prologue 2024.

There are only five seats in the cabin, the third row of seats is not provided.

Information about the technical filling Honda Prologue is not yet available, but it is clear that it will be the same, as in the Chevrolet Blazer EV, which can go on a single charge up to 515 km and four-wheel drive top version SS has a capacity of 565 hp.

On the North American market Honda Prologue will be released in 2024, but the start of reception of orders for it probably will begin earlier, so new details will not have to wait long.

Honda Prologue 2024.

In 2026 Honda will bring to the North American market several electric cars on its own electric vehicle platform e:Architecture, but the joint with GM budget «electric cars» will appear only in 2027.

Totally by 2030 Honda wants to release on the world market 30 new models of electric cars, including two sports cars.

By 2040, Honda plans to completely abandon internal combustion engines, and by 2050 it plans to become a completely carbon-neutral company.

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