Jetta VS5 2020.

Jetta VS5 2020

Jetta VS5 2020.

The Jetta VS5 2020 is a new budget crossover from Volksvagen-FAW.
This year, a new brand was introduced — Jetta. The model line of the same name from VW immediately pops up in the mind and for good reason. In fact, the Germans founded their small subsidiary, budgetary enterprise, specializing in the production of inexpensive cars in the Chinese market. One of the FAW-Volkswagen plants in the Sichuan province was given over to production.

Production capacity and generous funding allowed the new brand to rapidly launch back in April, presenting the world with three new products at once — two crossovers VS5 and VA3, and a sedan VS7. Today we will focus on the Chinese version of the German Tharu SUV — Jetta VS5.

Jetta VS5 2020


The quick start largely explains the similarities with European brethren. It can be safely argued that the Jetta crossovers have too much in common with the Skoda Karoq and Seat Ateca, which have long been part of the giant concern.

The 2020 Volksvagen Jetta VS5 model year is based on the European MQB A1 platform. So the Chinese initially received an independent suspension with two MacPherson struts in the front and a multi-link in the rear. In terms of drive, the Europeans have all-wheel drive, but the Chinese in the basic configuration only gets the front one. Four-wheel drive is an option.

As is customary in Chinese production, there will be no choice for power units. China buyers get a 1.4-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder engine. The output of the gasoline engine is 150 hp. and 250 Hm. The dynamic characteristics have not yet been announced. The transmission has a small gradation in terms of equipment. The base will come with a 5-speed manual transmission, more expensive options with a 6-speed automatic.

Jetta VS5 2020

More details about Jetta VS5 were not announced. But we should not expect innovations either. In fact, the main emphasis is on low cost, so the equipment of the basic version will be extremely scarce.

The competitive price tag includes multimedia with an 8-inch screen, a not very generous multifunction wheel with an integrated airbag and another airbag in the dashboard for the front passenger.

Electric windows will also be available as standard. Things like climate and cruise control have already become optional. The list of which is extremely rich here.

Jetta VS5 2020


For the most part, the exterior of the VS5 was copied from the VW Tharu. At least this is hinted at by the too recognizable geometry, the design of the stern and sides. But as expected, the front design has been redone towards the futuristic design that the Chinese love today.

The front end received a flat hood with a pair of inconspicuous ribs, and the radiator grille is a very unusual pattern with inserts of chrome plates. The optics looks like a single block grille and resembles the latest shapes from Mitsubishi. LEDs are available in expensive trim levels.

At the bottom, a small sandwich of two niches for foglights with small air intakes was formed, and just below the grill of a large diffuser, ending with a shockproof curb.

On the side there is nothing remarkable, standard solutions for SUVs. In the back, we did a good job with the design of the lanterns, with sharp corners and harmoniously inscribed side ribs. The rest is pretty flat. The bumper, also made of shockproof plastic, adds a little variety.
Both the 5-seater version and the 7-seater VS5 received the same body dimensions.

Jetta VS5 2020

The manufacturers announced the following figures:

length — 4419;
width — 1841;
height 1616 and wheelbase 2630 mm.


Only by looking into the salon you understand why this car is cheaper than its German counterpart. The VS5 upholstery comes in cheap leather, plastic, aluminum and chrome elements. The only thing that looks great is the multimedia screen. Otherwise, everything turned out to be rather nondescript.

The dashboard is analog, the center console is strewn with chaotic twists and buttons for onboard functions. Roomy pockets were made in the door cards. The armchairs got sporty forms, but some of them came out rough. Plus the double color scheme only adds to the cheapness.

The rear sofa is designed for three passengers, at least three headrests indicate this. But the geometry of the seats speaks of comfort for only two. Looking at the Jetta’s luggage compartment, you can immediately see the target audience, there is really a lot of space behind the back row. So before us is a real budget «family man».

Price and start date

There is no talk of any sales of this brand in Russia. The German concern is unlikely to bring budget models here when their expensive options are also well implemented. But in China there are big plans.

Over the summer, VW built 200 car dealerships across the Celestial Empire, and in September it starts selling three new products at once. The cost of the new Jetta VS5 will depend on the configuration. The price tag starts at around 770 thousand, and the ceiling is presented at 1,023 thousand rubles.

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