Lancia Stratos Zero Restomod 2022.

Lancia Stratos Zero Restomod 2022.

Lancia Stratos Zero Restomod 2022.

Independent renders of the Lancia Stratos Zero Restomod 2022 have been unveiled.

Renders of the supercar under the Lancia brand were created by independent designer Matteo Gentile, who took into account the long and vibrant history of the brand in motorsport.

Lancia has enough iconic models like 037, Flaminia, Fulvia, Stratos and Delta Integrale in its portfolio.

However, now the company produces only Ypsilon. It is a supermini, which has been on sale for 11 years in its third-generation guise.

The sad state of affairs in which Lancia now finds itself hasn’t stopped experienced designer Matteo Gentile from imagining what a brand-new model could look like.

The potential novelty is named Stratos Zero Restomod. It is a supercar with a low landing and a middle engine location, which tries on an original purple-green livery.

At the front of the concept is a pronounced LED strip, a splitter made of carbon fiber and carbon fiber air intake shrouds.

The same lightweight and durable material is used for the hood with large air vents to improve aerodynamics.

Lancia Stratos Zero Restomod 2022.

Perhaps the most intriguing part of the design is the shape of the doors.

According to the designer’s idea, they intersect with the roof, giving the car a unique profile. The wheels here are also made of carbon fiber with an intricate pattern and gold central locks.

The Stratos Zero Restomod’s stern is adorned by slim LED taillights and a distinctive carbon-fiber grille. In the center, there are four exhaust outlets at once.

Lancia Stratos Zero Restomod 2022.

We know that Lancia promises to introduce three new models in the near future to hold onto the Stellantis family. Why wouldn’t one of the promised new models be a supercar?

The Italian company Lancia has a rich racing past and once produced a number of interesting and fast cars like the 037, Fulvia, Delta Integrale, Stratos and Fulvia.

However, the brand currently sells only one model, the Ypsilon compact hatchback, which can be found only on Italian roads.

Lancia Stratos Zero Restomod 2022.

However, this state of affairs has not stopped independent designer Matteo Gentile from trying to imagine what a sporty modern Lancia model could look like.

The car shown in the renders is called the Lancia Stratos Zero Restomod.

The model is a mid-engine sports car with low ground clearance, painted in rich purple and unique green.

The front of the car draws attention with an LED strip, a carbon fiber splitter and air intakes.

Lancia Stratos Zero Restomod 2022.

The most intriguing thing about these renders is the doors and how they intersect with the roof.

In addition to all of the above, the Stratos Zero Restomod gets huge carbon fiber wheels, a center exhaust, LED taillights, and an elaborate rear diffuser.

When looking at these images, it’s worth remembering that Lancia is unlikely to ever produce something like this — the brand is now working hard on three new models to prove to Stellantis management that the brand needs to be preserved.

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